#AndNEW: El Lindaman Becomes Inaugural GLEAT G-REX Champion

El Lindman G-REX Champion
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The GLEAT G-REX Championship tournament has concluded and we have crowned our first ever GLEAT G-REX Champion. El Lindaman defeated senpai T-Hawk in the semi-finals of the event before advancing to the finals, where he defeated Hayato Tamura of Bulk Orchestra to win the G-REX title. This comes days after he along with CIMA and T-Hawk were announced for New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s 50th-anniversary event.

El Lindaman Wins G-REX Championship

Lindaman’s Rise

El Lindaman had quite the rise to the top of the wrestling world. From the very beginning, Lindaman had to work his hardest to stand out. He had uncontrollable charisma from the very beginning but had to put in the work between the ropes. He is 5’3”, so he is often the smallest man in nearly all of his matches. However, that didn’t matter; over the years, he has worked and worked to become one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Not only that, but Lindaman has gathered a lot of fanfare with his big personality. He was often labeled a talented junior heavyweight wrestler and nothing else. Now, in GLEAT, he has a battlefield that’s best suited for him. In GREAT it doesn’t matter how big or small you are; you have the same chance to succeed as everyone else.

The Hard Work Pays Off

GLEAT has taken the world by storm and all the eyes were on this championship tournament. In said tournament, Lindaman may have been the unsung MVP. As stated, at 5’3”, Lindaman wasn’t assumed to be a future world champion. However, that hard work paid off and he won the tournament being presented the belt by Kenta Kobashi. Certainly, this was a dream that came true.

There has been no challenge made for the belt quite yet, but surely that will change. El Lindaman is the perfect catalyst to lead the company into a GLEAT future.

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