Preview: WWE Raw (1/24/22) Preview – Lashley and Lesnar Weigh-In

Lashley Lesnar Weigh-In
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WWE Raw is live from the Huntington Center of Toledo, Ohio. Where Kofimania was born, believe it or not. The last time WWE was here, it was for Smackdown Live on February 12, days before the Elimination Chamber. A Gauntlet Match saw the 6 participants of the upcoming Chamber match fight for the last entry into it. Kofi Kingston was just added to the match, subbing for the injured Mustafa Ali and able to defeat 3 straight opponents before then babyface AJ Styles defeated him after a moment of hesitation. This stellar performance from Kofi would be followed through to the Chamber itself where he would get a giant reaction from the crowd and result in the Kofimania story heading into Wrestlemania. This week we can expect the Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley weigh-in, a Maryse birthday celebration, and an academic challenge.

Will something that shapes Wrestlemania this year happen in this building again?

WWE Raw Preview (1/24/22) – Lashley and Lesnar Weigh In 

Happy Birthday, Maryse

Announced last week on Raw, The Miz remembered Maryse’s birthday was this week (last Friday) and following their successful ‘brick to the back of the head’ scheme from last week where Maryse baited Beth Phoenix to the ring and hit her with a brick in a purse. The Miz wants to celebrate today. As such, a Birthday Party for Maryse is scheduled for Raw. Expect a heel’s face on a birthday cake for our go-home show en route to Maryse/The Miz vs Edge/Beth Phoenix.

WWE has a bit of a habit of celebrating their superstar’s birthdays via food to their faces. Judging by how Tamina had a sandwich thrown at her on her birthday a few weeks ago we will see what is in store for Maryse.

Lashley vs Lesnar – The Weigh-In

Boy, these two or any prizefighter ever would have a field day if they could have a six-day gap between a weigh-in and a scheduled fight. With all the parallels drawn between the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and current #1 Contender Bobby Lashley, including their stated MMA histories in the UFC & Bellator, it makes sense to have the two do a weigh-in. Even if the six-day gap is a bit silly.

We’ve seen Lashley & Lesnar trade verbal barbs already. However, we have yet to see their managers/advocates/wisemen trade words yet. MVP & PaulHeyman respectively. Furthermore, it seems that wherever Lashley goes, the former Hurt Business tandem of Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin show up to attack him. Unsuccessfully but still. Will they try to inflate the wrestler’s weight like they do Wrestlemania attendances?

An Academic Challenge

Two weeks ago, the team of Alpha Academy, Otis & Chad Gable, successfully dethroned RK-Bro, Randy Orton & Matt Riddle for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. In particular, Otis pinned the former 14 time World Champion clean as a whistle. This is despite Orton’s weeks-long demand to partner Riddle to let him do the work. Following Otis’ graduation last week from……. What was his course, anyway? The former Champions looked for their rematch. Chad Gable agreed to it, but only if Orton & Riddle can defeat him and Otis in an academic challenge. Following a very meme-worthy reaction from Otis, the RK-Bro duo accepted before dawning the graduating cap & gown combo to give you the peculiar visual with one of wrestling’s most serious guys.

What Else?

We aren’t gonna try to guess matches here, but we can guess that we’ll see a follow-up between WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Doudrop before their own title match at the Royal Rumble. Last week, the veteran Scott yanked Big Time Becks from a winning Manhandle Slam before giving her an imposing Vader Bomb.

Last week, Rhea Ripley was scheduled to face her former Tag Team partner and friend, Nikki A.S.H. However the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Queen Zelina & Carmella, crashed the match. They taunted Rhea for her seeming inability to act on her own (even though she’s the one who wanted to split the team). This allowed the “Almost a Super-Hero” to attack the former Raw, NXT & Tag Team Champion from behind and throw her against the steps, leaving us with no match. Will we get it today?


All that and more to be expected tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw, 8pm ET on the USA Network.

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