Jamie Hayter: The Next Big Thing in the AEW Women’s Division

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In All Elite Wrestling, Wardlow has often drawn comparisons to Batista – and why not? After all, with initial spells as Reverend D-Von‘s Deacon, Batista would go on to become the misused, underappreciated muscle of Evolution; whose popularity would eventually surpass his fellow members and lead to him becoming the group’s breakout babyface star – a position which was originally primed for a young Randy Orton. Wardlow appears to be treading a similar path; being booked as a dominant, monster heel whilst simultaneously being viewed week-after-week as MJF‘s oft-mistreated lackey who is, quite clearly, being held back by the former’s desire for his own self-preservation in the shark tank that is the AEW roster. Yet, despite all the clear parallels between Wardlow and Batista, there is one other member of the AEW roster currently going through something of her own Batista-like metamorphosis: Jamie Hayter.

2021: Welcoming into Dr. Britt Baker DMD’s Stable

Jamie Hayter Returns AEW
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Whereas it is never wise to make comparisons between wrestlers of today and wrestlers of yesteryear, there is a common theme within professional wrestling (and within everything, ranging from novels to Hollywood) to repeat successful stories. This is not a criticism – it is a fact that, if something works, there is no need to fix it. On August 13 2021, Jamie Hayter returned to AEW after a near year-long absence. Joining a new show – as this was the inaugural episode of AEW Rampage – with a fresh look and a renewed, more confident demeanor, Hayter assisted former opponent Dr. Britt Baker DMD in a brawl against Red Velvet and Kris Statlander – aligning with Baker and Reba (not Rebel). In doing so, she essentially signed away any future right to a singles title opportunity in favor of assisting Baker in her struggles against the AEW women’s division. Much like Wardlow and even Batista before, Hayter became something of a heater to a heel group.

Just like we have seen MJF cost Wardlow matches in the past (including most recently at the annual Diamond Ring Battle Royal match), we have also seen Baker cost Hayter matches – including her TBS Championship opportunity in the form of a tournament singles match against Baker’s long-time foe, Thunder Rosa. Whereas the Wardlow storyline has been progressing at a welcomed, slow pace for years now, this one might just implode sooner rather than later. Let’s face it: Britt Baker’s heel character feels threatened by Jamie Hayter, and why shouldn’t she? Hayter has been honing her craft for years and around the world – from England’s Pro Wrestling: EVE, all the way to Japan’s World Wonder Ring Stardom. She has become, in just six years, one of the best, most promising young workers around; boasting an enviable, ruthless style and presence in the ring which meshes tremendously well with her size and often physical superiority over her opponents.

2022: A Bright Future For Jamie Hayter in AEW

To make matters worse for Baker, Hayter is also just twenty-six years of age: there is still plenty of development yet to come as she gains more experience working for a promotion with a national television deal; an immensely talented roster and a raucous, devoted audience. With the new year now just three days away, it wouldn’t be surprising if Jamie Hayter makes 2022 her own; establishing herself as the solo, championship chasing competitor we all know she can be. Britt Baker needs to be careful because, once Hayter is loose, it is the dentist who will be seeking a doctor. Batista went on from being a stable’s undermined muscle to becoming one of the most significant professional wrestlers of the century. When all is said and done, Hayter might just find herself in a similar position. When her time comes, though, Batista comparisons will be a thing of the past as Jamie Hayter comes into her own as the certified star she is to AEW.

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