Most Promising Wrestler of the Year 2021: Jacob Fatu of MLW

In 2021, there has perhaps been no name spoken about with as much promise as the name Jacob Fatu. Whereas there will be scores of casual pro wrestling fans who might still yet be unaware of this man, those of us who are aware are almost unanimous in agreement: Jacob Fatu is the real deal and his success in Major League Wreslting (MLW), particularly, has been evidence of immense potential. This is a man who, perhaps more than any other living wrestler right now, has the potential to become a mainstream level attraction in the world of pro wrestling. He’s that good; he’s that talented and he has the look, as well as the attitude, to match his sheer talent. We don’t necessarily need to sing his praises and credentials here – after all, we’ve already done so in the past – but what we can do is talk a bit about why Fatu was so promising in 2021 and why 2022 might be even better.

Jacob Fatu’s Fame Continues to Grow

As mentioned in the opening, it is currently “hardcore” fans most familiar with Fatu – and not just because one of the promotions fortunate enough to have him is hardcore company Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). Whereas Fatu is synonymous with MLW – where he last year extended his deal to a guaranteed stay in the promotion for the foreseeable future – he is beginning to make the rounds across numerous US based indie promotions. He did this in 2019, too, but the scale of the pandemic in 2020 ensured that he was limited in the number of promotions he could realistically appear in.

Though we remain in a pandemic in 2021 and with the omicron variant wreaking havoc going into 2022, restrictions are more relaxed; meaning Fatu can once more grace the US independent scene with his presence next year. More exposure for Fatu means more fans will become familiar with his name and, in time, he will become the hottest commodity outside of either AEW or WWE – if he isn’t already. His style, his swagger (at GCW Blood on the Hills, Fatu was announced as the “Real Tribal Chief”), his size and, of course, his family ties all mean that Fatu is going to continue to grow on the independent scene. If a certain Forbidden Door ever opens up to MLW, there is no doubt that Fatu will take advantage of a perfect opportunity to grow even more.

Jacob Fatu Is Making MLW Must-See

Jacob Fatu MLW
Photo: Major League Wrestling

Alongside long-time adversary and current MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu is making Major League Wrestling must-see wrestling programming. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, if you watch MLW, you are witnessing two of the industry’s next big breakout stars wrestling in what are, presumably (as Fatu’s birth date is not public knowledge, meaning we don’t actually know how old he is), still the early years of their careers. It is no different to seeing any of Steve Austin, The Rock or Triple H in their pre-WWE tenures. Secondly, and most importantly, because of how MLW does business in ensuring the near exclusivity of its top performers, you know that – when you watch MLW – it is potentially the only promotion around where you’ll be capable of seeing them perform. Whereas Fatu does work other promotions here and there, you know MLW is currently his home and that, more weeks than not, you’ll see him there. In becoming such a vital part of a well-run company so soon in his career, it is obvious that MLW – like the fans – see the potential in Jacob Fatu as a big-game player and in 2022, he will take yet another step towards realizing his potential as the next big thing in professional wrestling. There is no scarier sight than a Samoan Werewolf hungry for success and that is precisely what Jacob Fatu continues to be.

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