Preview: Chaotic Wrestling – Final Fight (12/17/21)

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight
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Chaotic Wrestling closes out 2021 with a Final Fight. The show has five matches announced as of this writing. The stakes have never been higher as control of the company is on the line!

The Higher Society (Armani Kayos and Paris Van Dale) have a special announcement planned for this show. Speculation is running wild since The Highers have spent some time at previous shows looking for a new recruit. Will a new recruit be revealed at Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight? Either way, there is no party like a Highers party especially when someone will likely crash this party!

Chaotic Wrestling – Final Fight Full Card 

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight Greene vs. Rourke
Photo / Chaotic Wrestling

Anthony Greene vs. Aaron Rourke

This is the only match on this show announced thus far without a title on the line. It will be interesting to see these two competitors face off. Anthony Greene has been on a bit of a losing streak since returning to Chaotic Wrestling. With unsuccessful shots at both B3CCA and Davienne and their respective Championships. At the same time, Aaron Rourke has also seen more losses than wins lately. A win here would be huge for Aaron Rourke but it would also put AG back on that winning track. Seeing as how this is also the last event of 2021 for Chaotic Wrestling it will look to set the tone for 2022. Both of these competitors want to go into the New Year on the winning side. Aaron Rourke really steps up his game in situations like this and Anthony Greene will certainly bring out the best in him.

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight The Unit vs Shook Crew
Photo / Chaotic Wrestling

Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match: The Unit (c) vs. Shook Crew 

After winning a four-team number one contender’s match last month, Shook Crew is now in line for a shot at the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Championships. One of the biggest questions here is just who will be defending the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Championships as Ace Romero, Trigga The OG, and Danny Miles are all shown in the graphic for it. This night might spell big trouble for The Unit. Regardless of who is officially in this match, The Unit will still look to have a three-on-two advantage. Hopefully someone such as Love, Doug will come out to see that doesn’t happen. This is going to be a wild match but if any tag team out there deserves to close out their 2021 by winning some gold it is most certainly Shook Crew.

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight New England Title
Photo / Chaotic Wrestling

Chaotic Wrestling New England Championship Match: Ricky Smokes (c) vs. Adam Booker vs. Brad Cashew vs Mortar 

After a somewhat controversial win over Brad Cashew last month, Ricky Smokes is now the New England Champion in Chaotic Wrestling. For his first title defense, Ricky Smokes will not only have to put the title on the line against the Champion he won it from Brad Cashew but also the former Champion who Brad Cashew defeated over the summer, Adam Booker. As if three New England Champions wasn’t enough for this match, Mortar is also added into the mix. Mortar, being the only non-former champion in the match is looking to make an impact and become the New England Champion. This match has many moving pieces and will not end easily. At the end of it, the true New England Champion will emerge and take the title to new heights in 2022.

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight B3CCA vs Hirsch
Photo / Chaotic Wrestling

Pan Optic Championship Match: B3CCA (c) vs Leyla Hirsch 

The Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship became the Chaotic Wrestling Pan Optic Championship this past summer. B3CCA has really hit a stride defending it successfully against names such as Aaron Rourke, Alisha Edwards, JT Dunn, Anthony Greene, and Jordan Blade. Throughout 2021, B3CCA has really stepped up her game and is arguably the Breakout Star of the Year. While B3CCA was seen at one time as the energetic, smiling leader of the Scrunchie Squad, she has more than proven her toughness and ability to overcome any obstacle placed in front of her.

Unfortunately for B3CCA, the obstacle placed in front of her this month comes in the form of Leyla Hirsch. Hirsch is an example of looking into the future for B3CCA. Leyla Hirsch has had huge wins in Beyond Wrestling this year over Masha Slamovich, Davienne, and Killer Kelly while also defeating other noted names such as KiLynn King, Diamante, Dani Jordyn, and Savannah Evans. This match will be hard-hitting but might also end with a submission. Either way, both of these wrestlers will leave it all out there in the ring.

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight Del Monte vs Dunn
Photo / Chaotic Wrestling

Winner Gets Control Of Chaotic Wrestling: Chase Del Monte vs JT Dunn 

The feud between The Unit and Chaotic Wrestling has been one of the biggest stories of 2021. The mere fact that The Unit was able to win last month with the help of Dirty Dango turning on Chase Del Monte just shows the lengths to which The Unit will go in order to not be forced out of Chaotic Wrestling. Now JT Dunn gets what he wants as he faces Chase Del Monte in a match for control of Chaotic Wrestling. If JT Dunn wins how the company will survive under the control of The Unit remains to be seen. As most fans are not fond of The Unit, they most likely will not attend shows booked by them. This could be a very dark day for Chaotic Wrestling.

What happens if Chase Del Monte wins this match? What changes between how things are now and how things will be next week? Should The Unit lose the Tag Team Championships earlier in the night, it can definitely set the pace for The Unit to be less featured in Chaotic Wrestling and as such even eventually grow apart. However, given that Dango turned on Chase Del Monte at the last show, even if Chase Del Monte defeats JT Dunn here there is still unfinished business. Chase Del Monte picking up the win here doesn’t mean he’s done with The Unit. It could just be a matter of that old saying about cutting the head off of a snake.

Chaotic Wrestling World Championship

While there has yet to be a Chaotic World Heavyweight Championship match announced, Davienne is on the poster. So it would be assumed that there will be a title match. Interestingly enough, Alec Price was originally part of the New England Championship Title Match before being replaced by Adam Booker. Perhaps Alec Price is going to get that shot against Davienne! All of the Chaotic Wrestling roster favorites should be in attendance here and though it might be a surprise on that evening someone should be brave enough to step up and face Davienne.

How To See Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight

Chaotic Wrestling Final Fight goes down December 17th, 2021 in Tewksbury, MA. Tickets and more info can be found here

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