Preview: Pro Wrestling Magic – Kingdom Come 6 (12/11/21)

Kingdom Come 6 Pro Wrestling Magic
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Pro Wrestling Magic is closing out 2021 with Kingdom Come 6, a show full of championship matches and matches with title implications. Here’s what to know ahead of the event this Saturday.

Pro Wrestling Magic – Kingdom Come 6 Preview

Battle Club Pro 5 Points Championship: Steve Pena (c) vs Bobby Ocean

Steve Pena has not been the Battle Club Pro 5 Points Champion for that long because the title hasn’t existed for that long. However, if anyone was underestimated enough to pull off a victory and title win here, it is Bobby Ocean. This will certainly be a competitive, hard-hitting match and whoever comes out of it the victor in the end will be well deserving.

Limitless Wrestling World Championship: Alec Price (c) vs Vinny Pacifico

This will be Alec Price’s second defense of the Limitless Wrestling World Championship and yet neither will have taken place inside of a Limitless Wrestling ring. Following a successful title defense over Gabriel Skye in Texas, Price now looks to pave the way to Wrestival, where he has a title defense against JD Drake. But as he will tell you best himself, you can’t count Vinny out! This is going to be a match where Alec Price will fight and scrap to keep that title because Vinny Pacifico will be pulling out all of the stops to try and become the new champion.

PWM Tag Team Championship: MSP (c) vs Meat Locker vs Brick City Boyz

After defeating the Meat Locker for the PWM Tag Team Championship, MSP is now looking to give them a rematch. Additionally, Brick City Boyz are being thrown into the mix. Making a splash in the Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet recently, Brick City Boyz are not to be taken lightly. It might be in the best interest of MSP to let the other two teams fight each other first, but anyone who knows MSP knows that simply isn’t their style. All six of these competitors will meet like a car crash.

PWM Junior Heavyweight Championship: Donovan (c) vs Saieve Al Sabah

For the second night in a row, Saieve Al Sabah will have a shot at gold. Though Al Sabah has never been the Invictus Social Media Champion before, he has held the PWM Junior Heavyweight Championship and many can even say that he was screwed out of that title by Donovan and his friends. It would be naive to think that Donovan didn’t have some kind of dirty tactics up his sleeve (again) but this time, Saieve Al Sabah will be ready for them, hopefully helping him to get the title back.

Stand Alone Wrestling Tag Team Championship: The Rep (c) vs American Murder Society

When it comes to tag team wrestling, there has been a lot of buzz lately around it, and rightfully so. Oftentimes, though, it feels as if the tag teams exist more as technicians or high flyers, working together as a team to pose a threat. Both The Rep and American Murder Society, however, are made up of wrestlers who you wouldn’t want to face one on one and this match will be full of power.

PWM Dark Arts Championship: Everett Cross (c) vs Robert Martyr

Since winning the PWM Dark Arts Championship from Darius Carter, Everett Cross has successfully defended it against Love, Doug. Now, Cross faces perhaps his toughest challenge to date in Robert Martyr. Martyr is someone who could have seemingly dethroned Carter and is also no stranger to gold, having recently won the NextGen Championship in Global Syndicate Wrestling. This is going to be a great clash of champions and Robert Martyr might just leave as a double titleholder.

Keys To The Kingdom Match: Killian McMurphy vs Darius Carter vs Billy Dixon vs JGeorge

To see any of these competitors back into a title picture any time soon would feel like it was done too recently. Darius Carter recently lost the Dark Arts Championship. Both Killian McMurphy and JGeorge have had unsuccessful attempts at taking the PWM Heavyweight Championship from Erica Leigh. Billy Dixon seems to be the best option to win this match because he hasn’t recently lost a title or opportunity. Furthermore, he’s been picking up some key wins and momentum.

Ace Romero vs Smiley

This match was originally supposed to see Erica Leigh defending the PWM Heavyweight Championship against Smiley, but Leigh was pulled, as recently revealed by PWM on their social media platforms. To think this might affect Smiley, though, is simply untrue because he will likely use the same strategy planned against Ace Romero. It would have to be assumed that this match will have championship implications. If Romero defeats Smiley at Kingdom Come 6, perhaps Romero would also take the title shot from him.

PWM Women’s Championship: Jordan Blade (c) vs Masha Slamovich vs LMK vs B3CCA

Things have gotten a bit out of control in the women’s division in Pro Wrestling Magic. All four of these women have history together, as Jordan Blade defended this title against Masha Slamovich at the last show. LMK and B3CCA seem to wrestle each other everywhere that they go and even Blade has wrestled B3CCA recently in Chaotic Wrestling. Matches between Jordan Blade-LMK, Masha-LMK and Masha-B3CCA are the big singles bouts that haven’t technically happened yet, but this is still going to be a huge match because anything can happen. Jordan Blade can use her ankle-taking skills to put LMK in a submission hold, but B3CCA could come in and break up that pin. LMK recently won the Northeast Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship from B3CCA. B3CCA is the current Chaotic Wrestling Pan Optic Champion. Masha Slamovich is the current GSW Women’s Champion, though Masha Slamovich also lost the GSW Soul of Syndicate Championship to Jordan Blade recently. Oh, what a tangled web these wrestlers weave and it will all come to a head at Kingdom Come 6!

Kingdom Come 6 takes place in Ridgefield Park, NJ on Saturday, December 11, 2021. Tickets and further information can be found here:

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