Preview: NXT UK (09/12/21) – Moustache Mountain Tag Team Quest

Moustache Mountain Tag Title Shot vs Pretty Deadly
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The Moustache Mountain tag team quest to finally win the NXT UK Tag Team Championship will headline this week’s NXT UK. We will also see two of the top stars in the women’s division collide and a fight as a result of some dodgy betting odds. Read our full NXT UK preview below. NXT UK will air on Peacock and the WWE Network at 3PM ET/ 8PM GMT.

Announced Card: (NXT UK: 09/12/21)

  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly vs. Moustache Mountain
  • Emilia McKenzie vs. Blair Davenport 
  • Sam Gradwell vs. Sha Samuels 

The Booker Always Wins 

Sha Samuels has set up a bookies to take bets on who will challenge NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov next. The ink hadn’t even dried on Samuels’ odds chart before Sam Gradwell kicked off about having the longest odds at 4000/1. Gradwell was so enraged at being placed at the bottom of the list – even Doink the Clown is above him on 100/1 – that he didn’t even notice his name was spelled wrong. 

The two will meet in the ring this week as a result. Fingers crossed some of the other people on the list will raise their grievances with Samuels. Samuels vs. Doink, or Samuels vs. Johnny Saint would be golden. But the odds on either of those happening are much longer than 4000/1. 

McKenzie vs. Davenport 

This is a contest that most people have been hoping for since Emilia McKenzie returned to NXT UK in April and Blair Davenport debuted on the brand three months later. Davenport picked her moment wisely to challenge McKenzie. She waited until McKenzie’s mentor Meiko Satomura chose to take a trip back to Japan. 

The two have met before for PROGRESS and Defiant. Both women will surely be looking to challenge for the NXT UK Women’s Championship in 2022. If this match is the start of a feud between the two then surely the overall winner could lay a claim at a title shot. Davenport will be more eager to rustle the feathers of NXT UK Women’s Champion Satomura. McKenzie would want to continue to show her respect but how long will she be happy to sit in the background of the Champion?

Can Moustache Mountain Finally Win NXT UK Tag Team Gold?

Pretty Deadly has had a pretty decent year. They won the NXT UK Tag Team Championship in February and have spent the past 10 months proving their worth. The team of Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley have successfully defended their titles against the best NXT UK has to offer and contributed some hilarious commentary and vignettes. Simply put, there’s not much of a hotter act in WWE at the moment.

There’s absolutely no reason for Pretty Deadly to drop the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Except for the fact, Moustache Mountain has never held the belts. This fact blows more minds than a Derren Brown UK tour. When Tyler Bate and Trent Seven took on Zack Gibson and James Drake to crown the inaugural NXT UK Tag champs you’d have put your house on Bate and Seven winning. They didn’t. That match took place almost three years ago. No tag team will ever be as synonymous with NXT UK as Bate and Seven. But for the perfect story, they need to hold the gold. 

In the last few months, Bate lost his Heritage Cup Championship as a result of Seven accidentally throwing in the towel when Pretty Deadly interfered. This has hinted at Seven holding Bate back. If Moustache Mountain doesn’t win the titles, Bate may turn his back on Seven for good.