Goodbye, Tegan Nox & Welcome Back, Nixon Newell

Tegan Nox
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In what is becoming a regular, almost monthly tradition, yesterday – November 19th, 2021 – brought another round of gut-wrenching, heart-breaking WWE releases. The remaining members of SmackDown stable Hit Row, consisting of Top Dolla, Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott followed recently released member, B-Fab, out of the WWE door. John Morrison, who had only returned to the WWE in January of 2020 after a near-decade run outside of the WWE, was potentially the biggest name among those released. Drake Maverick, who was released early last year and had to fight his way back into the NXT roster, was also cruelly let go. Of all those released yesterday, Tegan Nox – the Welsh, former NXT starlet who only recently jumped up to the main roster with tag team partner, Shotzi Blackheart – is perhaps the released star with the most potential and the one whose release will be, quite possibly, rued most. Tegan Nox might be no more, but Nixon Newell is back.

Nixon Newell Very Much Still A Star with Untapped Potential

Make no mistake: Nixon Newell is very much still a star with untapped potential. Yes, she was with the WWE for years, had competed in Mae Young Classics, was a regular on NXT and had been involved in high-profile feuds with the likes of former ally (and supportive real-life friend), Dakota Kai. In that time, though, she missed many months through not one, but two career-threatening knee injuries – adding on to a first leg injury which brought a premature end to her promising soccer career as a youngster in South Wales. Though she returned to action earlier in the year, we were not really treated to an actual Tegan Nox match – with many of her bouts coming in the form of tag team action on a main roster which typically and unfairly limits women’s tag matches to a shortened amount of time. Therefore, the best is still to come. Much like Stone Cold Steve Austin, who famously and quite drastically had to change his style from technician to brawler following a career threatening neck injury, Tegan Nox, now Nixon Newell once more, will have to refine her style – something she has likely already done, but we are yet to see because of how things played out on the main roster. Perhaps once the 90 day non-compete clause is expired, we will be treated to a more mature style of work; work which reminds everyone just who Nixon Newell is and why she was spotted by the WWE at such a young age.

At just 27 years old (and only recently turned), Nixon Newell remains a young competitor in the world of professional wrestling – the world is her oyster. She is a young competitor with considerable WWE experience , in addition to her considerable independent experience garnered prior to joining Vince McMahon‘s company all those years ago. Whether she continues to compete in the United States – which she is probably most likely to do, as her undeniable talent demands the biggest stages – or chooses to return home for a short while remains to be seen. 90 days of no competing brings 90 days of reflection; 90 days of decision-making and planning out her next move. There is no doubt that Nixon will be a hot commodity in professional wrestling once again and should her knee injuries now be behind her, the world is still hers for the taking. You might have seen the last of Tegan Nox, but you haven’t seen the last of Nixon Newell. As fellow Welsh compatriot and NXT UK superstar, Mark Andrews, so bluntly put it on Twitter: Nixon Newell > Tegan Nox.

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