Preview: Retro World Expo 2021 – ft Blitzkrieg! Pro (11/6/21)

Retro World Expo 2021 - ft Blitzkrieg! Pro
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When it comes to professional wrestling and video games, the two go hand in hand. Everything that Retro World Expo is about, which ranges from video games to comic books to card games with dice to art, falls in line so well with professional wrestling. Last year, Retro World Expo did not take place because of the pandemic. They are coming back stronger this year because this year they have enlisted the wrestling skills of Blitzkrieg! Pro to take the stage. There are currently two showtimes for Blitzkrieg! Pro on Saturday and one on Sunday. Only the card for Saturday has been released as of this writing. Let’s take a look at what Retro World Expo featuring Blitzkrieg! Pro will look like.

Retro World Expo Featuring Blirzkreig Pro! Full Card

CPA vs Scotty Wild vs Stevie G

Blitzkrieg! Pro veterans CPA and Scotty Wild are in action against Stevie G. This could be a great way for Stevie G to make a name for himself in Blitzkrieg! Pro, but it might also look like what happens when two older brothers gang up on their younger brother. Either way, this match will likely take to the air and be entertaining throughout.

Leary & Perry Von Vicious vs 50 Cal & Jay Baker

50 Cal and Jay Baker have both spent time in B!P recently but are still somewhat new. Leary and Perry Von Vicious are not new to B!P, but have only really been teaming together for about as long as 50 Cal and Jay Baker have been in B!P. This will be an interesting match because Leary & PVV securing a win here could put them in line for a Tag Team Title shot. While 50 Cal and Jay Baker winning would have them be taken seriously as a tag team. Regardless, this will be a hard-fought match with all four of these competitors as tough as they come.

Logan Black vs Ichiban

Ichiban has been a staple in promotions such as Test of Strength and now he makes his B!P debut against Logan Black. There’s something so perfectly fitting about Logan Black being the one to welcome a newcomer to B!P. He is not someone that you should want to be across the ring from because he hits hard and his experience will certainly play a factor in this match. Ichiban is not to be counted out though (even if that count is only to one). He recently won the K1 Classic Championship and moves just quickly enough to score that victory before you even knew what happened.

Even Stevens vs Shook Crew

In a battle of teams that could both be heels, Even Stevens makes their return to B!P to take on Shook Crew. One would assume that Shook Crew is getting booed here, after the antics at Fall Children. Even Stevens is not really known for making friends as much as upsetting people who aren’t (and sometimes are) also named Steve. These are still two experienced teams and this should be an outstanding match to watch unfold live.

Big Game Leroy vs Sammy Diaz

Big Game Leroy is making his B!P debut and what better place to do it than at Retro World Expo. Having a show at a video game convention without Big Game Leroy feels like a crime. Sammy Diaz has been impressive inside a B!P ring, but he has not yet faced a challenger such as Big Game Leroy. The current Invictus Pro Wrestling Social Media Champion. Leroy is coming to make a mark and you can best believe that by the end of this match it’s going to be game over for Sammy Diaz.

Big Juicy vs Shannon LeVangie

Big Juicy has been a staple in B!P now since her debut not all that long ago. This will, however, be the B!P debut for ShannonLeVangie. A place in which Big Juicy must remember herself being. Shannon LeVangie has been making a name for herself one match at a time in Chaotic Wrestling and will certainly take the fight to Big Juicy. Big Juicy feels like only a few wins away from a Bedlam Championship shot while Shannon LeVangie would want to make a name for herself in her debut here. This match should be explosive!

Kirby Wackerman vs Dr Cube

In one of those “go out of your way to see this” matches, former Bedlam Champion Kirby Wackerman takes on Dr Cube in what could be a match of the year candidate just for the sheer zaniness of it all. No one might be ready for what this match could bring, but Retro World Expo does feel like the perfect place for it to go down!

Aaron Rourke vs Mike Skyros

Aaron Rourke recently picked up a win over CPA at Fall Children. The debuting Mike Skyros likely has him scouted and, well  Aaron Rourke hasn’t been in the ring with someone like Mike Skyros before (and, yes, Rourke has been in the ring with Matt Makowski but even that didn’t likely prepare him for this match!) When faced with a true warrior, Aaron Rourke can rise to the occasion and strike as hard as his opponent. Pulling out the technical wrestling side of his arsenal, but going move-for-move with Mike Skyros and beating him at his own game is something that possibly no one can do. Aaron Rourke is in for a tough challenge and it will be great to see it take place.

VSK vs MV Young

What could be a main event in many other promotions sees VSK going one on one with MV Young.  This one is going to hit hard, hit fast and it might just break the internet!

Retro World Expo Featuring Blitzkrieg! Pro (Second Show) Full Card

The Saturday 4:30 pm card is below. The matches feature many of the same wrestlers from the 1:00 pm show however, there are some new additions. Little Mean Kathleen vs Max ZERO feels like it is a must-see. MV Young and Big Game Leroy are no strangers to each other so that should be a great match. CPA vs Dr Cube should on the same level as Kirby Wackerman vs Dr Cube. Overall this just looks like another set of matches which you can’t miss!


-Little Mean Kathleen vs. Max ZERO
-MV Young vs. Big Game Leroy
-Mike Anthony vs Dante Drago vs. “Dr Cool” Jay Klang (Create A Pro Showcase)
-VSK / Leary / Perry Von Vicious vs. Shook Crew & Aaron Rourke
-Kirby Wackerman & Big Juicy vs. Shannon Levangie & Stevie G
-CPA vs. Dr.Cube
-Even Stevens vs. 50 Cal & Jay Baker
-Scotty Wild vs. Logan Black

If you’re at Retro World Expo anyway, go out of your way to watch all of this Blitzkrieg! Pro wrestling greatness and if you are not going for the video games you should at least be attending for the wrestling.

Many of these same wrestlers will likely return on Sunday in different matches, though it should also be noted that Riley Shepard and Skylar have both been confirmed to be there on Sunday but not Saturday. Also, courtesy of Best Batch Promotions, on Saturday only wrestling legend Tatanka will be on hand to take photos and sign autographs. Along with everything else going on at Retro World Expo featuring Blitzkrieg! Pro, this just feels like the place to be this weekend!

Retro World Expo takes place in Hartford, CT on Saturday, November 6th, 2021 and Sunday, November 7th, 2021. For tickets and more information, please click here

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