Preview: AEW – All Out 2021 (9/5/21) – Match Card and Predictions

All Out 2021 Poster

AEW All Out 2021 – scheduled at the NOW Arena, Illinois – brings another opportunity for the promotion to continue hitting the right notes; just as they have been doing lately.

With Punk’s highly anticipated in-ring debut, a Steel Cage tag team title clash, MJF striving to end Jericho’s career, and a 21-Women Casino Battle Royale, the match card is certainly enticing. But with a lackluster build-up to some storylines, will All Out deliver? Or will the show end up as an overloaded catastrophe?

As we gear up for a tremendous evening brimmed with action, let’s look at all the rivalries and predict who will stand tall after the bell rings.

All Out 2021 Predictions & Preview

BUY IN: Best Friends & Jurassic Express vs Hardy Family Office

The 10-man tag team match with the Best Friends (minus Trent?), Jurassic Express and Wheeler Yuta taking on the Hardy Family Office should quite necessarily be the end of this rivalry. Being added to the Buy-In after the cancellation of Andrade vs. Pac, and the shifting of Women’s  Casino Battle Royale onto the main card, this huge matchup needs to be the banger that kicks off All Out.

AEW 10-man Tag Team Match

Hardy and his men have been a huge annoyance to the fan-favourite babyfaces of AEW. This storyline has particularly not been an engaging affair, to say the least. A stretched-out rivalry that hasn’t benefitted either side, but has proved to be a filler feud. All 10 men involved should keep the momentum going, with the extraordinary moves they are expected to use. With all the talent thrown into this match, there shouldn’t be a chance for it to turn into a boring encounter.

A simple strategy of retaining the audience should be implemented, in which the Elite babyfaces should get their long-overdue revenge over Hardy’s irritating interferences.

Winner: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and the Jurassic Express

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

AEW takes pride in its hyped battle royales. The Casino Battle Royale has proved to stand apart from WWE’s Royal Rumble. Unlike the orthodox 30 participants pattern, wrestlers are batched together in four suits, with 5 wrestlers each. In addition, a 21st participant, called the “Joker”, enters the ring last. All Out 2021’s Battle Royale offers a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship.

Nineteen names have been announced so far, including the likes of Thunder Rosa, Tay Conti, Jamie Hayter,  Kiera Hogan, Julia Hart, Red Velvet, and Nyla Rose. Anna Jay, Jade Cargill, Jamie Hayter, Leyla Hirsch, KiLynn King, Riho, and Skye Blue were the latest additions to the list. Speculations about the mystery entrant were made, and a number of debuts were expected. However, the promotion surprised its fans by declaring the names of all 21 women, leaving no room for any unexpected debut.

AEW Women's Casino Battle Royale

With no spots left on the match card, Thunder Rosa comes across as a legitimate winner here. The previous feud between her and Britt Baker adds to the intensity of their rivalry. However, Rosa vs. Baker II is a feud that AEW wanted to push towards early 2022, so the chances are slim. Hikaru Shida may also get a chance at redeeming her title from Baker. Tay Conti can also come up as a huge prospect, given the huge screen time she has been offered, as well as her improved performance. Although the winner here seems to be quite uncertain, we will still go with Thunder Rosa.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

AEW World Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match – Young Bucks (c) vs Lucha Bros.

Matt and Nick Jackson are known for their acute smugness. Since the moment they aligned themselves with Omega and the Good Brothers, there has been no end to their arrogant ranting. Retaining the Championship against numerous tough opponents only added to their self-conceit. But on September 5, former rivals, Lucha Bros will meet them inside a steel cage, vying to capture their tag team gold.

The last encounter between these two was in the Escalera de La Muerta match at All Out 2019. Young Bucks had emerged as the victorious faces from the adrenaline-pumping match, much to everyone’s disappointment. The majority of the fans had rooted for the Lucha Bros, despite their heelish ways. Two years later, it will be a clash for the top prize in the AEW tag team division. But by the looks of it, there would be no chance for the luchadors to become the champs.

After all, the Bucks still have to define their 300+ days’ reign with some stellar matches. They have had phenomenal defences against The Acclaimed, Jurassic Express and many others, but winning inside steel walls is a lot different. For the Lucha Bros, losing this match won’t damage their momentum anyway. Their ongoing storyline with Pac and Andrade is yet to make an impact, and their involvement is totally necessary to save it.

Winner: Young Bucks

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

A match like this one is a pure example of how wide the Forbidden Door has been kicked open. 2021 has brought to us this very spectacle involving a Lone Wolf and an in-ring ace. While many wrestling viewers would not know who Satoshi Kojima is, Mox has certainly gotten his hands full this time. The 50-year-old veteran is a former two-time IWGP Heavyweight champion, MLW World Heavyweight Champion, and NWA World Heavyweight champion. Throughout his career so far, Kojima has won a grand total of 19 championships. And at All Out, he will prove his worth yet once again.

The obvious winner here might be Mox unless AEW is keen on getting Kojima under a short stint in the company. Whatever the outcome is, this will be a healthy competition with true fair play. Although there might be chances of Moxley transitioning into a heel, which would help him try out new prospects for his somewhat directionless character. A turning point can be introduced with Moxley embracing his darker side to obliterate Kojima.

Winner: Jon Moxley

TNT Championship – Miro (c) vs Eddie Kingston

On the May 12, 2021, edition of Dynamite, Miro obliterated Darby Allin to kickoff his impressive reign as the TNT Champion. The Redeemer has knocked down several challengers, but the latest challenger eyeing his prize is a Madman himself.

Miro won the TNT Championship at DoN 2021

Kingston’s last Pay-Per-View match was at DoN 2021, against the Bucks for the Tag Team Championships. Surprisingly, he isn’t competing alongside Mox this time. Instead, he aims to capture the TNT Championship as a fan-favourite contender.

Although Kingston might receive his share of babyface cheering, he shouldn’t be the one putting Miro down. This can effectively go down as a back-and-forth battle, with momentum shifting between both sides. We may even get to see interference from the heavily-teased Lana, whom Miro has been hinting at for a couple of weeks now. Even so, God’s Favourite Champion should leave the arena undefeated.

Winner: Miro

Paul Wight vs. Qt Marshall

The former Big Show signed with AEW back on February 24, 2021. Since then, he has been sitting at the commentary booth beside his buddy Tony Schiavone for the YouTube show called AEW Dark: Elevation. Fans have not expected him to wrestle full-time, and he is wise enough not to do that. For a veteran like Paul Wight, wrestling sporadically while creating crucial moments should be his role in AEW.

This match marks Wight’s official AEW in-ring debut. He fought his last match in WWE against Randy Orton in July 2020. A complete year has passed since then, and this has been a worrying factor for some fans.

However, Wight’s experience and impressive shape promise otherwise. On September 5, he shouldn’t wrestle against the big-mouthed OT Marshall. He must squash him. There’s no need for this bout to be a lengthy battle. It could play its part as the filler, with a quick showcase of Wight’s prowess. Not to mention putting a stop to Marshall’s wicked antics.

Winner: Paul Wight

AEW Women’s World Championship – Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D (c) W/ Rebel “not Reba” & Jamie Hayter vs Kris Statlander

Britt Baker has left no stone unturned in dominating the women’s division. She was the champion that AEW needed as the face of their company, after Shida’s tremendous reign. But without worthy challengers, no champion is complete. With that said, Britt Baker has already crossed paths with a previous grudge opponent.

At All Out 2021, the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien Kris Statlander will pose as the challenger. Following Baker’s terrific performances against Hikaru Shida, Nyla Rose, and Red Velvet, Statlander will seemingly find herself in deep waters. At this point, it would be illogical for Britt to drop her championship. She can get a clean win, or find some help from her newest recruit, Jamie Hayter. Meanwhile, Statlander can show off her improved techniques and go the extra mile in a losing effort, thus setting another example for AEW’s ultimate babyfaces.

As for Baker’s reign as the Champion, a new challenger will stand out from the Casino Battle Royale earlier that evening.

Winner: Britt Baker D.M.D.

The Final Fight – MJF vs Chris Jericho

Jericho’s obsessiveness with destroying MJF has turned this match into a dilemmic affair. With The Demo God’s career on the line, MJF can add another feather to his cap by retiring him. It would also turn out to be a fitting way for Jericho to put a stop to his in-ring ventures. He has already planned a future at the commentary booth.

On the other hand, it might not be the right conclusion to this slow-burning storyline. Right from MJF’s induction into the Inner Circle and his twisted betrayal, to the Pinnacle’s loss at Double or Nothing 2021 and Jericho’s Five Labours; MJF vs Jericho is a saga of its own. A saga in which The Salt of the Earth has already got the upper hand twice. It is high time that we saw Jericho get the most desired revenge of his career.

There’s little-to-no chance that MJF’s momentum will be stalled after this match. Especially with the Pinnacle yet to indulge in other storylines. As for Jericho, he can still manage to wrestle until he finds the perfect retirement match for his marvelous career. Moreover, with Daniel Bryan on his way to AEW and CM Punk having made his return two weeks ago, there’s no need for Le Champion to retire right away.

Winner: Chris Jericho

AEW World Championship – Kenny Omega (c) vs Christian Cage

At DoN 2021, Cage was the favourite to win the Casino Battle Royale and earn his shot at the AEW World Championship. But to everyone’s surprise, Jungle Boy snatched the victory, aligning himself with Cage against the Super Elite.

What followed next was a smooth transition, resulting in Captain Charisma finally getting his chance at Omega. The two were slated to fight for the Impact World Championship on the first episode of Rampage, which was eventually won by Cage. This means that Christian has already overpowered The Belt Collector once to take the lead. He possesses the sheer confidence required to beat Omega. But with the latter’s immunity to prolonged, strenuous matches, Cage needs to focus more on his resiliency.

Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage

This dream matchup is surely going to be a high stakes encounter. Chances are some kind of distraction will take place at the ringside, especially with the presence of Super Elite and Jurassic Express. However, it would be unfair for Omega to drop his AEW Championship at All Out. Further options need to be explored before ending his prime reign. Also, Cage can have his share of glory defending his Impact title against fresh rivals.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Cm Punk vs Darby Allin

Here’s the main event that we truly deserve. After seven years of hype, CM Punk is back in wrestling and at All Out 2021, business to going to pick up. AEW’s young blood Darby Allin, accompanied by the iconic Sting, is the first rival to cross paths with the Straight Edge Superstar.

Following his epic return to the squared circle, CM Punk has all the momentum in the world that he needs. The outcomes of this match are widely varying. Either Punk or Allin can execute a clear win over the other, or this match gets a twisted finish. Stopping Punk’s momentum would never be a good move. And if Darby is to lose, then Sting can play an accidental part in itif they choose to go down thatbt. Allin turning on his mentor is one way to plan it. After all, what better time than this to turn Darby into a heel? The possibility of exploring Allin’s darker side is definitely thrilling especially after his failed attempt at defeating the “Best in the World.”

With that said, Punk emerging victorious is the only rational end to this battle. While the hometown hero relishes his win, the relentless kid will snap.

Winner: CM Punk

Expected Debuts

Bryan Danielson (a.k.a. Daniel Bryan)

Embed from Getty Images

Yes, Daniel Bryan is reported to debut at All Out 2021. We seemingly saw the last of him at WWE in a career vs. title match against the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Following his loss (and his contract expiring at the same time), Bryan was expected to re-sign with Vince’s company. However, his interests said otherwise, as he is now set to sign with All Elite Wrestling. Even CM Punk has hinted at his former co-worker’s return to the ring.

If the rumors are true, and if The American Dragon is headed to AEW, then the bar is going to be set really high. What his role at All Out will be is still a mystery. But if he’s planning on interfering in any match, either Punk vs. Allin or Omega vs. Cage should be in his sight. That not only readily sets him in an explosive, star-studded rivalry, but also assures the pop he deserves.

Ruby Soho (f.k.a. Ruby Riott)

The Casino Battle Royale is heavily expected to feature the debut of Ruby Soho. As has been mentioned before, Vickie Guerrero has expressed her interest in Soho’s performances and is looking forward to working with her. In addition, the former Riott Squad leader has been subtly teasing her debut through her tweets.

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