#AndNEW: Trevor Murdoch Wins NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at NWA 73

Trevor Murdoch NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

The main event of NWA 73 saw a destiny being fulfilled. Challenging NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis was Trevor Murdoch, who had been in the hunt for the National Wrestling Alliance‘s top prize for months. This was to be their final encounter; if Murdoch lost, he would retire from professional wrestling. Following one final top rope bulldog, Trevor Murdoch covered Nick Aldis for the pinfall victory, becoming the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to close out NWA 73. With this, Aldis’s 1044-day reign as champion came to an end.

Following the NWA 73 Main Event

Post-match, Murdoch was joined in the ring by his family, who were sitting in the front row. Ric Flair would also join in the festivities, applauding the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight titleholder. Flair would then raise Murdoch’s hand in a show of respect as the new champion’s family soaked in the moment with him. From there, Flair took the mic to pay respect to Murdoch. Flair also told Murdoch that champions led by example, which is what the new champion and Nick Aldis did in the main event.

Kyle Davis soon joined Murdoch in the ring, allowing the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion to speak. Murdoch thanked the fans, saying that they were the ones that continued to believe in him. Murdoch said that while he didn’t know what was in his future, he would defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight title to the best of his ability. He then took a moment to honor Harley Race, saying that he hoped he would be as good as his mentor one day. Thanking the fans one last time, Trevor Murdoch took his leave to close out NWA 73.

What to Know About Trevor Murdoch Following NWA 73

With this victory at NWA 73, Trevor Murdoch has captured the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship for the first time in his 20-year-plus career. Prior to this, he held the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, which he won in September of 2020 from Aron Stevens on UWN Primetime Live. Murdoch would hold the title until this past March when he dropped it to the current titleholder, Chris Adonis.

Most longtime wrestling fans will remember Trevor Murdoch during his stint in World Wrestling Entertainment, where he competed from 2005 to 2008. During this period, he became a 3x WWE World Tag Team Champion alongside Lance Cade. Their opponents included such teams as The Hurricane and Rosey, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly, and The Hardy Boyz. Prior to his time in WWE, Murdoch saw considerable success in the Missouri-based World League Wrestling. It was here where he became a 3x WLW Tag Team Champion and a 5x WLW Heavyweight Champion.

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