Preview: NWA Powerrr (8/3/21) – The Champions Series Part 3

NWA Powerrr The Champions Series

The Champions Series Part 3 will take place on this week’s edition of NWA Powerrr. The action started off strong last week, with Team Pope and Velvet Sky leading the charge; their team members, Jennacide and Trevor Murdoch, won their respective matches. Meanwhile, Team Nick Aldis and Melina has been without a win thus far. Can the momentum shift in favor of the team headed by the former 5x WWE women’s titleholder and “The National Treasure?” This week, Round 1 comes to what should be an exciting conclusion. Here is what fans can expect as the National Wrestling Alliance goes live on FITE at 6:05 PM EST.

NWA Champions Series – The Teams

Bracket A

Team Captains Kamille and Austin Idol: Thom Latimer, Mims, Kenzie Page, Kratos, and Sal Rinauro

Team Captains Aron Stevens and Taryn Terrell: Marshe Rockett, JTG, Lady Frost, Tyrus, and Jordan Clearwater

Bracket B

Team Captains Pope and Velvet Sky: Jennacide, Trevor Murdoch, The Mystery Man, Jax Dane, and Colby Corino

Team Captains Nick Aldis and Melina: Skye Blue, Fred Rosser, Crimson, Slice Boogie, and Jeremiah Plunkett

NWA Powerrr Card – Champions Series Part 3 (8/2/21)

Bracket A Match: Kenzie Page vs. Lady Frost

Bracket A Match: Kratos vs. Tyrus

Both teams in Bracket A enter The Champions Series Part 3 with one win apiece. Last week, Team Kamille and Austin Idol, Strictly Business member Thom Latimer bested upstart Marshe Rockett. Meanwhile, Team Aron Stevens and Taryn Terrell picked up a victory of their own when JTG defeated Mims. This week’s edition of NWA Powerrr is going to be especially important, as it could lead to great momentum for either Bracket A team.

In women’s action, The Champions Series Part 3 will see Kenzie Paige battle Lady Frost in a first-time encounter. Despite the talent both competitors possess, neither woman has picked up a win in the National Wrestling Alliance. While Paige has only had one NWA match, dating back to the June 15 episode of NWA Powerrr, Frost has largely been the victim of circumstance in her bouts, whether due to mind games from Terrell or otherwise. This will be an important match for both Paige and Frost alike.

Meanwhile, in Bracket A, NWA World Tag Team titleholder Kratos battles Tyrus in a powerhouse encounter. The last time these two faced off was back at NWA Back for the Attack in March, which saw Tyrus pick up the victory. Needless to say, Kratos will be looking to even the score. What’s important to note about this match is that Tyrus is on the team of Terrell and Aron Stevens, the latter of whom is Kratos’s fellow tag team champion. In recent weeks, tensions have been evident between the NWA World Tag Team Champions. How, if at all, will said tensions play into the result of this match?

Bracket B Match: Crimson vs. The Mystery Man

Bracket B Match: Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane

The Champions Series Part 3 will also see Bracket B action. As stated earlier, the momentum has been squarely on the side of Team Pope and Velvet Sky. This can’t be taken lightly by either Melina or Nick Aldis, especially given the latter’s status as not just the top name in the NWA but the reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion to boot. However, The Champions Series on NWA Powerrr isn’t over yet. There is still time for the proverbial pendulum to shift in the opposite direction.

In what may be the most intriguing match in Bracket B, Crimson will take on the individual simply known as The Mystery Man. In recent weeks, Crimson and Jax Dane, collectively known as The War Kings, have been at odds. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that Dane, at the behest of Crimson, seemed to find a new ally in Slice Boogie. Meanwhile, The Mystery Man has, appropriately, kept his intentions in the NWA enigmatic. All that’s known is that only Billy Corgan knows his true goals and that, ultimately, championship gold is in his sights. Thus, a win in The Champions Series is integral for the masked newcomer.

In other Bracket B action, Slice Boogie and Jax Dane will go one-on-one. The aforementioned tension involving Crimson brings added intrigue to this match, though one can’t overlook the potential of Boogie and the experience of Dane. Boogie has become one of the fastest rising stars in the NWA and it seems as though it’s just a matter of time until he lays claim to championship gold. Speaking of gold, Dane’s resume speaks for itself. Consider the fact that, from the summer of 2015 to the fall of 2016, he held the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship for over 419 days. Between potential and experience, something has to give on NWA Powerrr.

Also Set for NWA Powerrr

Outside of The Champions Series, this week’s NWA Powerrr features an alternates four-way match between Sal Rinauro, Colby Corino, Jeremiah Plunkett, and Jordan Clearwater. Though these four individuals failed to make the cut among the decided brackets, this should prove to be a showcase for those looking to break through. Expect the winner of this match to have eyes on him, even if they have no direct involvement in The Champions Series.

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