An “AEW Made” Competitor Must End the Year as AEW World Champion

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There’s no greater period in modern wrestling history than right now to be a fan of the medium. Ever since All Elite Wrestling entered the big leagues, it has provided fans with a great alternative and another major company to watch every single week for all their wrestling needs. With big business comes the influx of superstar talent that wants to work for the promotion. With that being said, companies who tried to compete in the major leagues in the past often made the mistake of snagging up every wrestler with a heartbeat that they had no clear plans for just for prosperity’s sake. It has been a hot-bed discussion amongst many fans that if a company is presented with prime talent do they snag them up or do they establish a foundation first then bring in new talent?

AEW has been amazing so far in building said foundation while bringing in workers that fit into the grander scheme of things. But, there’s still a fear in some fans’ eyes that AEW might be biting off more than they could chew. With all the possibilities looming and signings left and right allegedly happening in the near future, we want to make a case for why keeping an “AEW made” talent as AEW World Champion for the remainder of the year will remedy these worries.

A Great Problem To Have

It’s no secret that AEW has been making excellent decisions on signing talent that fits the vision and mold of the company. Guys like the late great Mr. Brodie Lee, Matt HardyBrian Cage, Christian CageMiro, and, in the early days of the company, huge stars like Chris Jericho and the one and only Jon Moxley. Fairly recently, the trend has not stopped. And, it’s getting fans excited, and fearful at the same time, on what’s to come next. Superstars such as Andrade El IdoloMalakai BlackNick Gage, just to name a few are now working for or with the company. A dream come true for many wrestling fans.

But, for some? It harkens back to the dying days of both World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. These companies made the mistake of signing every so-called “castoff” and being dubbed as a “retirement home”. From putting superstars way past their prime in major storylines while their young talent flounders in the midcard to making these legends World Champion to carry the company on tired legs. Fans are starting to become wary if this is the destiny and path AEW is going to tread as well.

With that being said, there’s a major difference between what AEW is doing and what TNA and WCW did. AEW isn’t signing castoffs with big names just for the sake of it. Or putting legends in the biggest spotlight possible right off the bat. They signed stars who were misused and underutilized for the majority of their career elsewhere. Guys like Andrade, Malakai, Lee, and, Moxley were supposed to be the biggest stars in whatever company they decided to work for. But, they weren’t. Because some companies didn’t know how to use them.

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When AEW got them they ran with them, let them do their thing. Strapped a rocket to their backs and hasn’t looked back since. Guys like Christian Cage and “The Icon” Sting would enter the fold to make the future of the company brighter by pairing them up in a mentor and protege relationship with Jungle Boy and Darby Allin. Matt Hardy has done some tremendous things with Jungle Boy, Allin, and, possibly the most popular superstar on the roster right now Orange Cassidy and he elevated their stock.

None of these vets “jumped the line” and got a world title shot right out of the gate. The company brought them into the promotion to work and put over the younger talent that will carry this company into the next decade. That’s the first and greatest accomplishment AEW has done so far. If this trend continues, AEW will achieve the great feat of striking a nearly impossible balance.

The Remedy

Now, to the meat of the subject. Kenny Omega or Hangman Page should end 2021 as AEW World Champion. Fans may ask “Why?”. It’s simply because it’s a great way to establish the “status quo” of AEW. Once again, the mistake WCW and TNA made was putting the title on the biggest star that entered the door last.

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Omega has been a killing machine since becoming AEW World Champion. While holding the AEW Title, he managed to keep titles he already won and add onto it in a short span. If there is anybody that lives, breathes, and, bleeds AEW it’s Kenny. Not to knock the other promotions Kenny Omega is working with. But, in his promos, he always highlights the AEW World Championship as the richest prize in all of wrestling. That he is proud because he has the AEW World Title in his possession. And, will go through hell and back, by any means necessary, to keep it for as long as he can hold it. Having Omega as the gatekeeper and undisputed King of AEW will establish a balance.

That no matter who you are or where you came from, he is AEW. And, you will have to go through him to achieve anything in this company. It’s going to feel more organic as time passes by. When these new signees build up a win-loss record and actually earn a world title shot. We are not saying that so-called “WWE Guys” can’t challenge so AEW could prove their point. Not even at all. Like in any sport, challengers should earn championship opportunities by scratching and clawing their way to number one. Keeping Omega as the champion for at least the remainder of this year will send a message. That anyone and everyone that comes into AEW is on a level playing field.

Wrestlers will need to earn every chance they hope to get. And, that the guys who have been here since day one have got first dibs on whatever opportunity that comes along the way. Because they’ve been working so hard for it. That sends a clear statement that AEW is fully behind the men and women who have relentlessly worked their way to make this company what it is today. And, if AEW does decide to take the title from Omega, it only makes sense for one sole superstar to do that. That man is “Hangman” Adam Page.

Page is essentially an AEW made superstar. He has a history with Omega, not to mention, his failure to be the first-ever AEW World Champion. Add in his doubts about if he actually can win the big one or not and you have a very easy and engaging story. It’s organic, has legs, and, it makes sense from whatever angle you look at it. In conclusion, to the future signees of AEW. Whether it’s a certain “Voice of the Voiceless” or an “American Dragon”. Everyone must go through “The Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega or Hangman Page and some “Cowboy Shit”.

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