FMW-E Announces Participants for Explosion Princess Tournament

Explosion Princess Tournament

FMW-E, the Atsuhi Onita led FMW revival, announced recently that they would be hosting the first-ever women’s electric current deathmatch tournament.  The tournament kicks off at their September show and will conclude in December.  The lineup of women for the tournament has been announced so lets take a look at what wrestlers will be competing in the Explosion Princess Tournament.

Risa Sera

Risa Sera of Ice Ribbon is accustomed to competing in deathmatches.  Not only is she a former Blast Queen champion but her recent run as FantastICE Champion was filled with deathmatches, including two highly acclaimed battles with FREEDOMS regular Rina Yamashita.  There are few women that embody the idea of an Explosion Princess Tournament than Sera.

An Chamu

Unlike Sera, An Chamu isn’t any kind of deathmatch specialist.  Originally training under Emi Sakura in Gatoh Move Chamu is now a part of Shinshu Girls Pro Wrestling and has little to no experience with hardcore matches.

Suzu Suzuki

Suzuki is actually credited with convincing Onita to run the Explosion Princess Tournament and for those who follow Suzuki that makes a lot of sense.  After losing the ICExInfinity Championship earlier this year Suzuki embarked on a deathmatch trial series which saw her embrace the world of ulraviolence to take on some of the best deathmatch wrestlers in Japan, most notably she fought the Jun Kasai.

Akane Fujita

Our third entrant from Ice Ribbon is Akane Fujita.  Fujita is generally known for her hard-hitting style but has also embraced the world of hardcore wrestling when needed.  At Ice Ribbon’s marquee event RibbonMania Fujita battled Sera in a deathmatch over the FantastICE championship and wasn’t afraid to dip back into that world as their rematch in May was a hardcore match.


Madeline is an up-and-coming talent from World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana that fans have an eye on.  She, like An Chamu, doesn’t have much, if any, experience in deathmatches but Madeline doesn’t strike us as the type to turn down a challenge.  As well as wrestling Madeline competes in Mixed Martial Arts, which may not help her in an exploding deathmatch, however.

Rydeen Hagane

Hagane of PURE-J will bring some experience to the table as she has been wrestling for nine years.  She isn’t a hardcore wrestler and has likely never competed in a deathmatch but her physical prowess should make her an interesting addition to the field.


Thekla is generally regarded as a technician who can usually be seen in Ice Ribbon.  The Austrian, known as the “poisonous spider”, will add an interesting dynamic to the tournament as her technical skills will make for an interesting mix with the explosion deathmatch setting.

Miss Mongol

Miss Mongol is the only competitor in this tournament who competed in the original FMW.  She is no stranger to deathmatches of all kinds and comes in as an easy favorite to go far in the tournament.

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