Nation Extreme Wrestling Launches in Vancouver

Nation Extreme Wrestling

Last summer during the pandemic, the #SpeakingOut movement changed the landscape of pro wrestling as years of abuse and intolerance came to light against wrestlers, promotions, and others through brave recounts posted online from victims. In Canada, allegations against a former owner of Vancouver’s Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW), arguably Western Canada’s biggest indie promotion, saw an exodus of talents, including ECCW Canadian Champion “Golden Boy” Travis Williams. With ECCW’s future in doubt and many of Western Canada’s greatest talents now without a top promotion, things were up in the air in British Columbia. Earlier this week, a new company based out of the Vancouver area announced its launch, Nation Extreme Wrestling (NEW), and over the past few days, has unveiled a top-loaded roster featuring many of Western Canada’s top indie stars.

NEW is gearing up for its launch in the coming months, but in just the past week they’ve revealed a roster that is primed to explode out of the gate. Here’s a quick look at the names revealed as part of the NEW roster as it gets ready for liftoff.

  • Nicole Matthews. 3x ECCW Champion. 5x ECCW Women’s Champion. Former SHIMMER Champion. 2x SHIMMER Tag Team Champion. Participant in 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic.
  • Artemis Spencer. 2x ECCW Champion. 4x ECCW Canadian Champion. Former DEFY World Champion. Participant in 2019 PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16. Participant in 2019 PWG Battle of Los Angeles.
  • Ravenous Randy. Reigning DEFY World Champion. Former ECCW Champion. 3x ECCW Tag Team Champion. Trained in the Hart Dungeon.
  • The Voros Twins. 2x ECCW Tag Team Champions. Viral Tik-Tok Sensations with “Da Vinki”
  • “Golden Boy” Travis Williams. Former ECCW Canadian Champion.
  • Liiza Hall. 2x 3-2-1 BATTLE! Tag Team Champion.
  • Judas Icarus. ECCW Champion. 3x PWA Pure Wrestling Champion.
  • Sebastian Wolfe. One-half of the State of Emergency tag team.
  • “Uncle Daddy” Tony Baroni. 3x ECCW Canadian Champion. 2x ECCW Tag Team Champion.
  • Billy Suede. Former ECCW Canadian Champion. 2x ECCW Tag Team Champion.
  • Alex Plexis. 3x ECCW Tag Team Champion
  • ReLoaded (Jacky Lee & $hareef).
  • “Beef Boy” Tyler Elliot.
  • Eli Surge.
  • “The Northern Star” Evan Rivers.
  • “The Big Hurt” Allan Jepsen
  • Parm Singh Mann.
  • Malik Melo.

Expect lots of new roster additions to be announced as well as information on the first show!

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