Preview: Wrestlers’ Lab – Alchemy Season 2 (7/24/21)

Wrestlers Lab Alchemy Season 2
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While many wrestling promotions have been slowly coming out of the pandemic with live shows again, it is time for Wrestlers’ Lab to take their turn with allowing fans back in for a full day of taping Season 2 of Alchemy. Season 1 was taped without fans and aired over the course of six episodes weekly on IWTV. Season 2 has promised eight episodes and the one thing that is known for sure is that PDA Cinnamon has been suspended and will not be there.

Wrestlers’ Lab – Alchemy Season 2

Wrestlers’ Lab Championship: MV Young (c) vs. Anthony Gangone – 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

With seven matches announced so far, the first and perhaps biggest match features MV Young defending the Wrestlers’ Lab Championship against Anthony Gangone in a 2 out of 3 Falls match. Last season on Alchemy, Gangone blindsided Young, so retribution is to be expected here. Gangone is also someone that not enough people seem to know about, so giving him this spotlight is going to really showcase what he can do and hopefully open some eyes on him.

Other Matches to Expect at Alchemy Season 2

The team of MSP and Alec Price will take on The Rep and Mr. Grim in what is sure to be a never-ending battle while Max Zero also looks to defeat Alexander Lee in a match that promises violence. The younger Abby Jane is taking on the more experienced Veda Scott in a match that could steal the entire show because of what both of these wrestlers are capable of and can achieve together.

Wrestlers’ Lab not only brings out the best talent in wrestling, but they also seem to know how to combine the wrestlers into matches which create the most interesting results. An example of this will come in the form of Ziggy Haim taking on Bobby Orlando, a match perhaps no one had ever considered as being possible before but once revealed just feels so completely perfect. This can also be said for Big Game Leroy vs. Boomer Hatfield and Devantes vs Love, Doug because they all seem to be unique matchups for this show.

Who Else Will Be in Action?

Aside from the seven matches announced, there are a number of talents who have been revealed but do not have matches scheduled yet. Some of the matches which could happen but have not been confirmed as booked for the show include Isana vs. Big Dan Champion, Eel O’Neal vs. Becca, Mac Daniels vs. Big Callux, Erica Leigh vs. Facade, and Molly McCoy vs. ABBS. The possibilities feel endless and with the number of competitors announced and matches needed to fill eight episodes, Wrestlers’ Lab might just deliver on them all.

Between the matches and the announced roster it certainly feels like Wrestlers’ Lab has created a video game where choosing a character and creating matches is so easy and fun. However, Wrestlers’ Lab is also putting the spotlight on names that most wrestling fans might not know yet. The Influencers (Patrick Scott and Chance Rizer), Movie Myk, Lucky Ali, Donnie Ray, and Mason Myles are all out to prove something. While a match between two of them could showcase that, imagine one of them versus an established veteran such as Facade and what that match could do for their career.

In Closing

With a roster of established stars, up-and-comers, and unknown names, Wrestlers’ Lab certainly seems to have found the formula for success. Limited tickets have been released for only $15 each and you get an entire day of wrestling. This deal feels like it is too good to be true and if you are in the area, it is most definitely one which you should take advantage of.

Wrestlers’ Lab Alchemy Season 2 tapes on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at the Knights Of Columbus in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Tickets are just $15. For more information please send a direct message to Wrestlers Lab on Twitter at:

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