MV Young’s PolyAm Cult Party is the Lollapalooza of US Indie Wrestling

PolyAm Cult Party 3
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One of the most exciting things about the last few years of pro wrestling has been the explosiveness of creativity in the US indie wrestling scene. Not just from a wrestler’s perspective, but in its presentation, representation, and inclusivity. From bold new programming on streaming networks like Beyond Wrestling‘s Uncharted Territory, Limitless Wrestling‘s The Road, Billy Dixon‘s Paris Is Bumping, Paradigm Pro Wrestling‘s No Hook, and IWTV’s original program, The Masked Wrestler, to exciting new approaches to wrestling with Camp Leapfrog, F1ght Club, Mission Pro Wrestling, No Peace Underground, and Enjoy Wrestling, and the constantly expanding roster of top independent wrestling promotions from around the country being scooped up by streaming networks like (IWTV), Powerslam TV, Highspots Network, and Title Match Network, you can affordably watch hundreds of top promotions from around the world, not on national TV. With so much exposure now online for once regional promotions, stars are being created faster than ever before, to the point that it’s nearly impossible to showcase them all. Which makes really big events feel special. From things like Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)‘s The Collective series, to tournaments like Black Label Pro‘s Turbo Graps 16 and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla‘s prestigious Battle of Los Angeles, indie wrestling is seeing a boom period like never before. But if GCW’s Collective is the Ozzfest of indie wrestling and Battle of Los Angeles is the Vans Warped Tour, then the Lollapalooza of it all would have to be Uncanny Attractions production, PolyAm Cult Party, the brainchild of one of indie wrestling nastiest bad boys, MV Young, “The Man of 1500 Romantic Partners” (at last count). On Friday, MV Young revealed the next offering, PolyAm Cult Party 3, arriving on April 24, 2021, streaming live on Twitch, once again presented by Uncanny Attractions, as well as RYSE Wrestling, Enjoy Wrestling, and Wrestlers Lab.

Much like the early days of Lollapalooza, these events present a beautiful mosaic of the indie wrestling scene from multiple representations, featuring a perfect blend of LGBTQ+, POC, and cis allies – all presented in the wrestling style and portrayal that best suits them, in one unified wrestling show. With big names like EFFY, Lee Moriarty, Billy Dixon, Facade, and Edith Surreal (formerly Still Life With Apricots & Pears), to rising stars like Erica Leigh, Chase Holliday, and Jody The Wrestler, as well as some lesser-known talents who are on the verge of bigger things. Some of the most exciting and unique vibes in the US indies on one big love festival. Looking back at the early events, that featured Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Ice-T, Stone Temple Pilots, and others that were just shy of being mainstream acts. And also like early Lollapalooza, it’s held outside on grass — yes, it’s presented like traditional backyard wrestling. The first one was held in July of 2020 (and is legally free to watch on YouTube), while the second one was held this past September (both one and two are also available on IWTV). This third installment will see a lot of the same returning stars from the first two PolyAm Cult Parties, plus see the debuts of Allie Kat, Colin Delaney, Big Callux, Mr. Grim, Nick Stapp, Jaiden, Charles Mason, Don’t Die Miles, and The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr.). Each event continues to grow and it’s been a fun ride to watch unfold. I hear in a few years, Metallica may even headline one (kidding!).

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