Chris Jericho Talks About Roman Reigns, Conor McGregor, Tom Brady & Rick Boogs

Chris Jericho in AEW

“Le Sex God” Chris Jericho was a guest on this week’s Keepin’ It 100 With Konnan & Disco Inferno to discuss his new book, The Complete List Of Jericho. During the interview, Jericho was asked about a number of topics such as Roman Reigns‘s heel character, the aftermath of the main event of UFC 264, how the picture on his Instagram page with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and legendary Quarter Back Tom Brady came about, and why “Rick Bugenhagen” works as opposed to Rick Boogs. Here’s more.

Chris Jericho on Roman Reigns and his “Tribal Chief ” character:

“I’ve been reading about it and that’s no surprise because when I went was there in 2016, I worked with Roman. Basically, all around the world, I was heeling as a babyface and it’s like, there’s, there’s no brainer here. He’s easy, Roman is, and now he said this, he’s doing it now. If you just drop the script and just let him be him. He’s Cool Hand Luke, man; he’s like the coolest cat. He’s a great guy. Just let him be him and that’s what he’s doing now, obviously with a heelish slant, which is great, when he eventually turns babyface. He’ll be even bigger than he is now because he’s just a cool, cool guy, and now they’re letting him do all of this stuff. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s killing it because he’s that type of performer.”

His thoughts on Conor McGregor being done as a formidable fighter and what Dustin Poirier should do if a fourth fight were to happen:

“Conor’s done! And I think everyone knows it. I think he knows it, and I think the best thing that could happen is that he snapped his ankle because he would have lost in the second round. Herb Dean almost called it at the end of the first, but he’s letting it go because it was towards the end and it’s a championship million-dollar fight or not even a championship; it’s a million, million, million-dollar fight. Those elbows in the corner, man, once you get a guy down like that, he’s finished. So I think it was actually a stroke of fate that’s gonna end up making them all more money that Conor broke his ankle because he would have been done in about another two minutes anyways. The other thing I would say for Dustin is that if he’s going to take a number four because I would say, go f*ck your ass, I’m not doing and say, okay you want number four, I want a 50/50 split with Connor, see what happens… If you can get 50/50 taken, if not, see you later buddy, what’s the point? Conor is done!”

The GOAT discusses his Instagram picture with arguably the GOAT in football, Tom Brady:

“I had a private plane to Jacksonville. I got off my plane he was getting on his, and we were literally three feet apart. We got off the plane and he pulled up and as I was walking out, he’s standing there and was like, hey, what’s going on, how are you, blah blah blah, three-minute conversation, take the picture and go. And then here’s, here’s how you become friends, though. We followed each other on Instagram. And now we DM each other here and there, so there you go.”

Chris Jericho on what he thought about WWE’s Rick Boogs:

“I hate the fact that he changed his name from Bugenhagen, which is one of the coolest names. I think he’s super entertaining, very hyper. I think he would have a chance to really do something if they would have given him this name of Bugenhagen and I don’t think Boogs. I always equate it like if you can say, okay, you know, Chris Jericho, your world champion Chris Jericho, that would work. Your World Champion Disco Inferno. Doesn’t work. Same thing with Rick Boogs up never a week.”

Videos of the interview can be found below:

Chris Jericho will be on AEW Fyter Fest Day 2 next Wednesday to face Shawn Spears in one of four matches before he gets the opportunity to face MJF. Before the match, however, Jericho was attacked backstage by the two members of The Pinnacle. Will Jericho be able to get through Spears after the heinous attack? Tune in next week to TNT for AEW Fyter Fest Day 2 to find out.

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