Preview: CWA – Supremacia (6/23/21)

CWA Supremacia Main Event

CWA in Puerto Rico prepares itself for it’s last show before they celebrate dual Anniversaries. With last year halting their 12th Anniversary, they will be celebrating it next month alongside their 13th in a two-night event special. But before that, they have Supremacia to present.

CWA World Championship – “Showman” Mike Nice (c) vs Nexen

One of the highlights of the “COVID” Era for CWA has been their vastly young roster of wrestlers. After the World title scene became somewhat tumultuous the past few months we have what sounds like a more straight-up title match. Mike Nice regained the World title after winning his second “Battle For The Gold” (Royal Rumble-style match) and must now defend the title against Nexen. Nexen was ousted from the top heel faction under the control of CWA Presidente Joe Colon but was able to defeat top heel Rodrigo Garcia with help from Jon Justice to obtain this match. Despite being betrayed by the heel group and aided by several top babyfaces, Nexen’s status has been ambiguous, having fights with Mike Nice and rejecting to work with him or anyone else.

This match is pretty interesting as both Champion and challenger, in the main event of a major wrestling show in Puerto Rico, are just barely going past 5 years as pro wrestlers. A big rarity in the field.

CWA Intercontinental Championship – Dimes (c) vs Alejandro Diosdado

Dimes vs Alejandro Diosdado
All Photos Courtesy of CWA

Since the start of the COVID-era shows, Dimes has done one thing consistently: Have the best match of every card he wrestles on. Taking on all challengers and not yielding to the idea that anyone is better than him.  In this match, he takes on a wrestler that isn’t necessarily a newcomer, but hasn’t really been given much of an opportunity in Alejandro Diosdado.

No Time Limit/Non Title: CWA Puerto Rico Champion Louis Forza vs CWA ‘Accion Vibrante’ Champion The Real OB

The second straight card to feature a Champion vs Champion match and good proof that they have too many for their roster. Forza & OB are good friends that have a very good personal story of perseverance. OB was an incredibly skinny wrestler while Forza wasn’t seen as a “fit” one on his end. The two alongside two other wrestlers would band together as “The Untraditionals” and push each other to create incredible physical changes. Now both are Champions in the same company and face each other for the first time.

First Blood Match – Bambino vs John  Slayer

Bambino vs John Slayer Match Graphic

John Slayer has been on a crusade against the controlling president Joe Colon and his group “Redencion”, but at every show an obstacle appears. First Rodrigo Garcia turns on him. Then Bambino. Slayer now gets a chance at revenge against the man that for years was seen as CWA’s “man of the people”.

Rodrigo Garcia vs CWA Tag Team Champion Victor Rodriguez

Top heel wrestler Rodrigo Garcia goes one on one with one of the wrestlers he and president Joe Colon tried and failed to recruit. Garcia once brutally attacked Victor’s younger brother, Manuel, years ago, and the new Tag Team Champions right away showed they haven’t forgotten and only hold allegiance to themselves. New Champions Victor & Manuel just returned to the company last month, taking the titles from Australian Suicide & Jeremiah Sweet.

Edrax vs Yutani

Edrax vs Yutani Graphic

An exhibition match. Young wrestler Edrax will face off against the debuting Japanese/Mexican wrestler Yutani. Edrax himself is mostly a rookie but has been competing for the various Puertorican promotions throughout the pandemic.

CWA Supremacia streams this coming Wednesday, June 23 live on CWA’s Facebook at 8pm AST. Commentary will be live with pre-recorded matches airing for the first time.

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