VICE TV Announce New Chyna Documentary

Chyna is a Female Trailblazers

Vice TV have announced that WWE Hall of Fame inductee, the late Chyna, will be the subject of a new two-hour documentary on her life. Titled “VICE VERSA: Chyna”, the documentary will focus on the highs and lows of her career; the good, the bad and the troubles of fame. The phenomenal, mega-stardorm of Chyna and the conflicting, self-destructive sweetheart of the fragile, Joanie Laurer.

Marah Strauch, who will be directing VICE VERSA: Chyna, issued a press release on the documentary.

“Joanie aka Chyna’s meteoric rise and fall is the stuff of Shakespearean drama, but underneath all that flash, she was an intelligent and sensitive person who struggled with addiction… this documentary will give viewers an intimate and unfiltered view of her personal journey as a pop culture icon and beyond and will compassionately tell the true story of Chyna’s last year of life.”

It Arrives this June

The documentary will feature not only clips from her illustrious career, but exclusive clips previously shielded from public viewing, which will no doubt shed life onto the “Ninth Wonder of the World” away from the ring. It will feature comments from prominent people who were colleagues, friends and authority figures in Joanie’s life. Sean Waltman (X-Pac) – a former friend and lover of Joanie – will appear, as will Mick Foley, Billy Gunn, Vince Russo and perhaps most importantly, her sister, Kathy Hamilton and mother, Jan LaQue. LaQue has expressed her reasons for partaking in the documentary.

“I participated in this documentary because, as Joanie’s mom, it was important to me to have the opportunity to tell my side of the story… Joanie was an awesome human being not only in the ring but, more importantly, beyond the ring. She was a wonderful person. Joanie’s story is important to tell because people should know the vast extent her life’s positive impact had on so many others. Her gentle, loving and caring way was astounding despite the inner grief and sadness she carried at the same time.”

The documentary is a part of VICE’s VICE VERSA series. This is, of course, not VICE’s first foray into professional wrestling based documentaries. Its critically acclaimed series, Dark Side of the Ring, has become a staple of pro wrestling documentary viewing in recent years; often exposing some of the more gruesome persons and stories in the industry. A&E have also delved into the world of professional wrestling, with a softer, less gritty documentary series which mostly highlight the highs of the lives of the wrestlers it chooses to focus on.

VICE VERSA: Chyna comes to VICE TV June 17, airing at 9 pm ET/PT. VICE TV is available via all major satellite and cable providers and the VICE TV app via iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. For more information about VICE TV, go to

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