The Questionable Pairing of Andrade El Idolo and Vickie Guerrero

Andrade El Idolo Has Arrived
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On last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, we received the shocking revelation that the former WWE star Andrade, now Andrade El Idolo (Andrade the Idol), is All Elite Wrestling bound. That’s right, the ultra-talented Mexican – widely considered as being one of the finest wrestlers in the business today – is the latest addition to the AEW roster. He was introduced by another former WWE talent in Vickie Guerrero, who has occupied a spot as one of AEW’s top heel managers over the past year. She interfered during Mark Henry‘s promo to announce the debut of the third generation wrestler. The former NXT Champion arrived to a loud, positive reception from the audience; immediately announcing that he is the “new face of All Elite Wrestling”. It is safe to say that Andrade El Idolo is destined for great things with the company. However, there is one interesting cause for concern.

Vickie Guerrero Is A Peculiar Choice

Vickie Guerrero Nyla Rose AEW

As great a heel as Vickie Guerrero is, is she really the best fit for the role of manager of Andrade El Idolo? Andrade is the classy, suave latino superstar; with immaculate style and dress sense. Expensive suits with the attitude to fit, Andrade often draws comparisons to a man close to his heart, Ric Flair – his potential, future father-in-law. Vickie is the obnoxiously loud, screeching heel. Again, though she is fine in this role and plays it well, it does not necessarily fit with the style of Andrade – who should (and will) be booked as a serious, threatening heel. There are no similarities between the two aside from the fact that they both have Latino origins. With another future mega star in Jade Cargill signing with Mark Sterling, would this not be a better fit for Andrade El Idolo? The potential of Andrade and Cargill in the same faction is mouthwatering, to say the least. The two of them, working with Mark Sterling, would make him the top manager in the business. Whereas Guerrero and Andrade can make this work, one must consider the potential in the Sterling partnership which might have been.

Questionable Though It Might Be, It Can Work

Andrade El Idolo Has Arrived

As mentioned, Guerrero is a good manager. Andrade El Idolo is one of the most talented workers in the world today. If anybody can make it work, it’s these two. Whereas it will certainly be odd to hear Guerrero’s “nails on chalkboard” voice echoing through arenas whilst Andrade stands there in all his perfection, it might work. Though the pairing is visually and logically odd, as a heel pairing, they’d be one of the best in the company. However, in order for it to work, Andrade needs to be booked like a star from the get go. If they book him similar to how Miro was booked during his first few months in the company – when they were “rebuilding” him (per Tony Khan) – it will fail. Andrade does not need to be rebuilt; everybody know he is a star, even with previous booking failing to justify that stone cold fact. He must be booked to win; allow him the time to cut cocky, heelish promos in English – he is good at it. Vickie does not need to take hold of the act as manager; she should be there for verbal support only and should they be booked correctly, the pairing will prove doubters wrong.

It Might Be Temporary

TripleMania build

It makes little sense for Andrade El Idolo’s character to be paired with Vickie Guerrero. He is someone who thinks to the future – envisioning a future with himself reigning supreme – and Guerrero, a throwback to a generation or two before, is very much not the future. So whereas the pairing might just work, it might not be permanent; it is easy to envision a future where Andrade abandons Guerrero and either goes solo, or secures new management. Maybe that is when a pairing with Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill might happen, if ever. If he is thrown straight into a feud with “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, this would be a good, high profile rivalry beneficial to all involved, with or without Vickie Guerrero. If he loses said feud, however, much of the momentum he has carried post-WWE will have been wasted on a Cody win he does not need. Regardless, Andrade El Idolo has arrived and no matter the pairing, no matter the opponent, he is a future AEW World Champion who will thrive, so long as he is booked to the potential of his immeasurable ability.

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