IMPACT Wrestling Personality Gia Miller Training for IMPACT Debut

Gia Miller

In today’s IMPACT Wrestling media press conference, conference host Gail Kim announced that Gia Miller was training for an in-ring debut. On June 1, 2021, IMPACT Wrestling hosted a media scrum to promote the upcoming X-Division title match between Josh Alexander (c.) and TJP.  While Last Word on Pro Wrestling has learned of TJP and Josh Alexander’s training strategies and thoughts heading into the contest – we also learned of Gia Miller’s contractual status with Impact Wrestling.

For the uninitated, Gia Miller is IMPACT Wrestling’s resident backstage correspondent. The Alabama-native is always in search of the latest scoop, but it seems as though she’s in search of championship gold as well. Earlier this week, Gia Miller would take to Twitter to state:

“This time last year I wasn’t sure what my future looked like with @IMPACTWRESTLING. Now, I know what the next 3 years look like! Thank you to everyone that supports and believes in me. Thank you to the fans for accepting me. Thank you to Impact for the vote of confidence.”

The ‘Before The Impact’ co-host announced her multi-year deal within that tweet. However, in today’s media press conference call, Gail Kim would elaborate further on Gia Miller’s re-signing, stating:

“We love Gia Miller, and we’re thrilled that she’s re-signed. I do know that she is also training to be a wrestler, so it’s a great foot in the door for her to… maybe once she gets some more training and experience… join the Knockouts division.” 

Gail Kim would go on further to discuss IMPACTt’s interest in Miller by stating:

“We think she is a great addition as a backstage interviewer. We love her energy and her attitude. We’re thrilled! It’s another knockout that makes us proud.”

While Ms. Miller has competed in-ring before, it appears as though she is preparing for a transition into the Knockouts division. With Miller signing a multi-year deal and this announcement from Gail Kim, we here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling wish Miller the best in her competitive career.

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