Updated AEW Double or Nothing Betting Odds Show Interesting Line Shifts for Top Matches

Updated AEW Double or Nothing Betting Odds

Earlier this week, we provided a look at the AEW Double or Nothing betting odds as to where they stood at that time. But as anyone who follows odds knows, these things tend to move and shift all the time, especially when it comes to the day of a PPV as smart money rolls in and insight as to how these matches will be booked impact where the odds sit. For example, it is common in WWE betting for the Royal Rumble favorite a week out to change on the day of the event. While we aren’t seeing that kind of crazy movement for the most part here, there have been some slight shifts in matches originally looking like they’d be a push and some performers seeing a boost toward their wining projection. It should be noted that when we examined the early odds, it was prior to the go-home episode of AEW Dynamite. It seems some of the events of that show may have impacted the current lines.

Let’s take a look at the updated AEW Double or Nothing betting odds and analyze what some of the shifts could mean for tonight’s show.

Note: All odds courtesy of U.S. sportsbook, BetOnline, are up to date as of time of publishing. Odds may continue to shift into the afternoon and closer to show time. Make sure to monitor odds for any surprise, late-breaking movement that could indicate a match outcome.

Adam Page (-500) vs Brian Cage (+300)

Moderate movement here. When we first looked at the odds earlier in the week, Adam Page was a short favorite at -200 with Brian Cage +150. Not much has changed here save for the amount of money you’ll need to put down for your payday, as Page still looks like he’ll be the guy to win at Double or Nothing. AEW has been building up Adam Page for a while now. He is one of the most over guys on the roster and he’s finally getting a chance to shine with a marquee singles feud again. As for Cage, he’s wrapped up in what could be some Team Taz drama. Cage seems likely to split from the group sooner rather than later, as evidenced by his respect for Sting and desire to go it alone against Page. This match could still have some extracurriculars or interference to consider, but in the end, the money seems spot on that Page will walk away the winner.

Cody Rhodes (+135) vs Anthony Ogogo (-175)

Really slight movement here as Anthony Ogogo opened as -160 and Cody Rhodes at +120. What that says is that there doesn’t seem to be any late breaking shift to be expected here, as the line has moved just a modicum above where it was. However, the line is indeed moving, so it could be worth following over the next few hours. This is an interesting one. At face value, it seems Ogogo is the clear favorite to win here. He’s been built up as a huge star ever since his debut with The Factory just a few months ago and he more than looks the part. So why then is Ogogo not a bigger favorite? In short, it seems the theme of the match is serving as a reason of hesitancy among betters. Ever since this feud began, Ogogo has been flaked by the Union Jack and Rhodes has waved the stars and stripes. It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the states. Would AEW really have Rhodes’ American flag fall? It sure would give Ogogo a lot of heel heat if they did, especially if they did it in a manner that involved a little bit of disrespect paid to that very flag. Time will tell, but there does seem to be some hesitancy that Rhodes will lose while representing the red, white, and blue.

Britt Baker (-600) vs Hikaru Shida (+350)

Again, not much to see here. Britt Baker widened her AEW Double or Nothing betting odds lead just a bit as her -400 is now -600 and Hikaru Shida‘s +250 is down to +350. Baker is still the favorite and with good reason. Shida recently hit the 365-day mark as AEW Women’s World Champion. She’s done everything as champ that she can and faced and defeated all of AEW’s top contenders in the division. It’s time for her last act as champion to be to put over Baker, who has felt like the anointed one ever since AEW first began. Baker has always seemed like the woman who has been destined to hold the gold. While many felt it would have already happened by now, it’s been to AEW and Baker’s benefit that it hasn’t. Baker has grown tremendously as both a wrestler and a performer over the last few years. She’s earned her moment, and she’s earned the right to represent AEW as the Women’s World Champion. The odds are widening in Baker’s favor for a reason. Her coronation is well on the way.

Miro (-600) vs Lance Archer (+350)

This one is interesting. Absolutely no movement on this line as both men opened with the exact same odds they hold today. Now, that’s not to say the line won’t move over the next few hours, though that does feel unlikely. Miro is the newly crowned TNT Champion and while this feud with Lance Archer has been fun and should produce a classic hoss fight at the PPV, there’s not much to see here from a betting standpoint. Miro should retain his title and then move on to a new opponent or perhaps a rematch with Archer down the line. Booking-wise, everything points to Miro being AEW’s flavor of the month right now, so as the odds suggest, it would definitely be a surprise upset if he were to lose this title defense.

Kenny Omega (-650) vs Orange Cassidy (+400) vs Pac (+600)

Little bit of movement in the AEW Double or Nothing betting odds nothing earth-shattering. Kenny Omega opened at -450 with Pac at +500 and Orange Cassidy at +350. Even from the beginning, Omega was seen as a huge favorite to retain his AEW World Championship and it makes sense. Omega has been the star at the front of AEW these days, operating as the man in more than one promotion as well. The current AAA Mega Champion, and both IMPACT and AEW World Champion, Omega and Don Callis are running the show. While wins by either Cassidy or Pac would be fun stories, neither is really seen as on Omega’s level right now. Neither is likely to shock the world and defeat Omega for the title. This is more so one of those interim feuds as Omega’s next major opponent is set up. There is little chance Omega drops the AEW World Championship before the other two so trust Vegas on this one. There will be no “AndNEW” for the AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing.

Sting and Darby Allin (-300) vs Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page (+200)

An unexpected but somewhat cohesive tag team, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page may pick up a handful of wins in AEW before all is said and done; this is not one of them. AEW has spent weeks putting over Darby Allin and Sting, always stopping to mention that the Double or Nothing match between the two tag teams will be Sting’s first in front of fans in the last six years. That match, of course, took place in WWE when Sting faced off against Seth Rollins, suffering a significant injury in the process. It was unknown if Sting would ever wrestle again but when AEW came calling, Sting was ready. He’s shown he can still work, especially when managed in a team with someone as talented as Allin. The crux of the matter is this: it’s Sting’s first match back in front of fans, fans who will likely make him the most cheered man of the night. There’s no way he and Allin lose this match.

The Inner Circle (-200) vs The Pinnacle (+150)

One of just two matches that have seen movement in the AEW Double or Nothing betting odds is this one. When odds were first reported, The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle were locked at -120. Vegas had the match at a toss-up, which makes sense because the seesaw between the two rival factions has been teetering back and forth ever since MJF formed The Pinnacle. But something perhaps significant happened on the go-home show on Friday night. After The Inner Circle had a chance to enjoy what could be their final moment in-ring, as a faction, MJF broke in on the video board with a kidnapped Dean Malenko. A longtime friend of Chris Jericho‘s, Malenko was on the wrong end of a beatdown by The Pinnacle, that took place on the very field where Stadium Stampede will be on Sunday. Now, the heels standing tall is somewhat of a wrestling trope that suggests the babyfaces will overcome in the big match. Vegas seems to agree as following Friday’s beatdown, The Inner Circle rose to odds-on favorites. The Pinnacle needs a statement win but it would appear that AEW isn’t done with their longest-reigning faction (not named The Elite), quite yet.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston (+110) vs The Young Bucks (-150)

This was another match that saw odds open split down the middle with both tag teams -120 to win. But again, we saw something Friday night, specifically the challengers getting the last shot in. This seems to be the reason behind the shift in AEW Double or Nothing betting odds to move The Young Bucks up to favorite status. When this feud first began, it was hard to figure out what direction AEW might go in as far as the titles. But as things progressed, the makeshift duo of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston gained momentum and it didn’t seem quite as unlikely that AEW might shift the titles their way. After all, Mox is one of the promotion’s biggest stars and Kingston quickly became a huge fan favorite. Then you have the Bucks, whose heel turn has been executed brilliantly as the brothers have become insufferable soldiers at the hands of Callis and Omega’s revived Bullet Club. At first apprehensive to re-unite with Omega and The Good Brothers, the Bucks have now embraced their place as villains. It was only a matter of time until AEW would put the titles on Matt and Nick Jackson and it’s hard to imagine they would lose those titles just yet, especially when you consider real-life and a certain paternity leave that one Moxley might be taking very, very soon. Fans would love to see Moxley and Kingston rise victorious and some money could be had if you choose to bet that way. But the Bucks did jump up to favorites for a reason and it seems AEW is primed to keep the belts on them for the time being.

Casino Battle Royale – Christian Cage Still Pegged to Win (-200)

Odds have yet to suggest that Christian Cage, who opened as the favorite, will lose the title opportunity afforded to the winner of the Casino Battle Royale on Sunday. Cage currently sits at -200 with the top five rounding out to include Penta El Zero Miedo (+500), Jungle Boy (+600), Powerhouse Hobbs (+900), and Matt Hardy and Preston Vance (+1400). When thinking about who makes the most sense as Omega’s next challenger, both Cage and Penta seem to fit the bill. A feud with Penta could field some Elite/Death Triangle match-ups and no one would be against that. With Cage, however, the potential may be even bigger. Cage’s AEW theme is a remixed version of his old TNA one and with the Forbidden Door no longer forbidden, a world title feud with Omega could see Cage return to IMPACT, where Omega is also their world champion. Omega is set to defend his IMPACT title against Moose at Against All Odds on June 12th, and while many think Moose is being groomed to get the win, what if he doesn’t? What if IMPACT waits to crown one of their own and instead works with AEW to pursue an Omega/Cage feud with both world titles on the line? With Cage the likely man to win the Casino Battle Royale, it could seem like that is indeed the direction Omega’s next feud will take.

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