Killian McMurphy Wins ECWA Super 8 Tournament After Tragic Final

ECWA Super 8
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It was supposed to be A Very Good Professional Wrestler‘s year. The wrestler formerly known as Dasher Hatfield for years in CHIKARA was on a roll in the past year. The former CHIKARA Grand Champion won the 24th annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament in 2020 and was the Camp Leapfrog Champion, and he had made it all the way to the finals of this year’s Super 8, looking to become the first man to win two Super 8 tournaments since Christopher Daniels did it in 2004, and first to do it in back-to-back years. All that stood in his way in this year’s finals on Saturday night was a fellow Camp Leapfrog camper and Goon squad leader Killian McMurphy, a rising star who recently won the ECWA Legacy Championship. AVGPW was but one win away from history. But a savage big boot from AVGPW ended up causing more damage to its thrower than its receiver, as AVGPW immediately showed signs of great concern. Moments passed, and finally, he had to concede to the referee he could no longer continue, and due to stoppage, Killiam McMurphy was crowned the winner of the 2021 ECWA Super 8, adding to “The Shooter”‘s momentum in ECWA and throughout the U.S. indies.

While Killian McMurphy was celebrating his victory with manager Big Dust, with his Super 8 trophy in hand, the news only got worse for A Very Good Professional Wrestler. A trip to the hospital after the match showed that he had broken his ankle in three places and would require surgery to repair it. Ever the professional, AVGPW took to Twitter to say that “(s)o the world knows, (Killian McMurphy) was up in that one, and he deserves to be the winner.”

With a long road of repair and rehabilitation, it will be many months before we see AVGPW in the ring again, but one would imagine he’ll be back stronger and more dedicated than ever and he’ll have his sights set on a rematch with Killian McMurphy, either in ECWA, Camp Leapfrog, or somewhere else on the road.

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