Gatoh Move ChocoPro #100 Day 2 Card – Super Asia Championship Match (3/28/21)

ChocoPro #100 Day 2

The big two-day ChocoPro #100 event is nearing its conclusion. Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling has pulled out many stops on Day 1, including two teams competing for the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship and even the PURE-J Openweight Title being on the line in the main event. However, Day 2 looks to be even bigger. In addition to a special appearance from a Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling star, a new Super Asia Champion will be decided in the final match. Here are the confirmed matches set for the conclusion of ChocoPro #100.

Sayaka Rin Rin Sayaka Obihiro Yuna Mizumori

Sayaka and Rin Rin vs. Sayaka Obihiro and Yuna Mizumori

The first match that will take place on ChocoPro #100 Day Two will feature two Gatoh Move veterans against a fourth-generation duo. While Sayaka made her in-ring return on Day One, “MC” Rin Rin has made sporadic appearances in late December of 2020 and early January of this year. It will be interesting to see how the “Master of Ceremonies” gels with the cosplay enthusiast in Sayaka. Their opponents will be none other than Sayaka Obihiro and Yuna Mizumori, the latter of whom competed against Kaori Yoneyama for the PURE-J Openweight Championship on Day One. Win or lose, Gatoh Move’s “Pineapple Girl” isn’t one to rest on her laurels. Alongside the “Blue Heart” of Gatoh Move, Obihiro, Mizumori is set to give her fourth-generation opponents a challenge they won’t soon forget.

Chie Koishikawa Hagane Shinnou Sayuri Chon Shiryu

Chie Koishikawa and Hagane Shinnou vs. Sayuri and Chon Shiryu

Fresh off ChocoPro #100 Day 1, Chie Koishikawa and Hagane Shinnou are back at it once again. This time, “Egg Tarts” find themselves competing against the “Kunoichi” and “Dragon” known as Sayuri and Chon Shiryu, respectively. It’s important to note that both teams are coming off separate tag team matches from the previous day. While “Egg Tarts” faced off against the combed experience of PSYCHO and CHANGO, Sayuri and Shiryu battled the two “Sayakas” of Gatoh Move. It will be interesting to see how these two teams compete on Day 2, especially Shinnou and Shiryu, as they adopt more conventional means of combat largely based on strikes. This should be a solid match to further whet the appetites of those watching online.

ChocoPro #100 Day 2

Pencil Army (Emi Sakura and Lulu Pencil) vs. Gabai Ji-chan and Kuishinbo Kamen

“Emi Pencil” will don the dark blue overalls once again as she teams with Lulu Pencil to take on an unorthodox masked tandem. Pencil Army has had no shortage of representation on ChocoPro #100 Day One. While Sakura and Minoru Fujita competed against Best Bros for the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship, Lulu Pencil teamed with Chris Brookes, otherwise known as “Chris Pencil,” to take on the duo of Tokiko Kirihara and Antonio Honda. Now, this Pencil Army duo will battle the combined, oftentimes comedic efforts of Gabai Ji-chan and Kuishinbo Kamen. ChocoPro fans will undoubtedly be familiar with these characters; case and point, while Ji-chan faced Mei Suruga on episode #86, Kamen teamed with the “Apple Girl” on episode #65 in a winning effort against Sakura and Lulu Pencil. Expect nothing short of shenanigans from this tag team encounter.

Mei Suruga Mizuki

Mei Suruga vs. Mizuki (ChocoPro Debut)

One-half of the Asia Dream Tag Team Champions, Mei Suruga, will be in for a challenge on Day Two of ChocoPro #100. Suruga has proven herself as a tag team specialist, especially since winning gold alongside Baliyan Akki, though her work as a budding solo star shouldn’t be overlooked. On Day Two, she will face a returning Gatoh Move star in Mizuki. Long-time fans of the purple-and-yellow promotion will be familiar with her work, not only as a protege of Emi Sakura but a former Asia Dream Tag Team Titleholder in her own right. Currently, Mizuki wrestles for TJPW, where she is a former Princess Tag Team Champion alongside Yuka Sakazaki. Making her Gatoh Move return, as well as ChocoPro debut, can the “Magical Sugar Rabbit” pick up a win over the former AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament competitor in “Mei-chan?”

ChocoPro #100 Day 2

Super Asia Championship: Baliyan Akki vs. Minoru Fujita

The final match of ChocoPro #100 will see a new singles champion decided. To provide context, the Super Asia Championship is the main singles title in Gatoh Move. The first, and only, titleholder was current AEW star Riho. She won the Super Asia Championship in September of 2017, defeating fellow Emi Sakura protege Kotori in a tournament. Riho would hold the title for 620 days, defending it against such names as Sakura and Command Bolshoi, before vacating it in June of 2019 when she became more committed to AEW. Since then, the title remained dormant.

Now, on perhaps the most important ChocoPro show, a new Super Asia Champion will be decided as Baliyan Akki takes on Minoru Fujita for this distinct honor. Leading to this show, Akki has made it clear that he faced many legends in ChocoPro, not only Sakura but the likes of Masato Tanaka and Minoru Suzuki as well. Akki has grown as a wrestler and competing for the Super Asia Title seems serendipitous. However, he will have a major obstacle in the form of deathmatch wrestling veteran Minoru Fujita. Though he may be fun-loving as “Mino Pencil,” Fujita will be no-nonsense as he takes on Akki in this main event. Who will be crowned the new, and second-ever, Super Asia Champion?

ChocoPro #100 Day 2 will air on March 28 at 10:00 AM JST (March 27 at 9:00 PM EST)

It will air live on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel for free before being available for on-demand viewing afterward. To support the company, you can sign up for their Patreon, which features multiple tiers, or their own on-demand streaming service linked below.

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