#AndNEW: Kazuyuki Fujita Captures GHC National Championship

Kazuyuki Fujita

Pro Wrestling NOAH (NOAH) has been at the forefront of a massive change within the promotion at large when it comes to veteran talent. While Keiji Mutoh recently became the GHC Heavyweight Champion, Kenoh continued his GHC National Championship reign by defeating many older wrestlers, notably wrestlers with MMA experience. That was until he met Kazuyuki Fujita as the two faced off in the main event of NOAH The Infinity 2021.

Kenoh has been GHC National Champion since August of last year, when he defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima for the championship. After an unsuccessful double title match that ended via a time limit draw against Go Shiozaki, Kenoh would start to defend his championship against the former MMA fighters of the roster. This included the likes of Kazunari Murakami, Kazushi Sakuraba, Kendo Kashin, and Masakatsu Funaki to just name a few.

All of this was based around the Sugiura-Gun vs. KONGOH Story. Eventually, Kenoh challenged former MMA fighter, Kazuyuki Fujita, someone, who in recent memory has challenged for the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Go Shiozaki. This bout is memorable because of the infamous 30-minute staredown that started the match. Kazuyuki Fujita would make his return to Pro Wrestling NOAH in October, after being away from the promotion following his now infamous bout with Go Shiozaki.

Since then, Kazuyuki Fujita has been dominant. In tag matches, he was incredibly successful as part of the Sugiura-Gun faction. The bout that these two had featured a flashback to the staredown, while also showcasing brutality at its finest from two of the hardest hitters in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Kazuyuki Fujita destroyed Kenoh in this match, with brutal kicks, slams, and even a powerbomb, with Kenoh getting little offense as Fujita would continue to dominate the match until the conclusion. Kazuyuki Fujita would dodge a double stomp, hit the big powerbomb, and hit two soccer ball kicks to the head of Kenoh to win the GHC National Championship. This marks the first time Kazuyuki Fujita has held gold within Pro Wrestling NOAH. His win seemingly ends the war from Sugiura-Gun vs. KONGOH, for the time being. After the title match, Takashi Sugiura would come out and challenge for the GHC National Champion. Takashi Sugiura, himself a former GHC National Champion, faces off against Kazuyuki Fujita at NOAH The Glory on April 29th in a faction teammate against faction teammate match.

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