Major Stakes Added to IMPACT Wrestling’s Sacrifice

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The majority of the promotion behind this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling was centered around Vice President Scott D’Amore‘s big announcement. This ground-breaking announcement turned out to be both controversy invoking as well as incredibly exciting. Part of this announcement involved the added stake that the winner of the Sacrifice main event will challenge for the AEW World Championship sometime in the near future.

Two weeks ago on IMPACT television, D’Amore finally granted Moose his delusional and persistent wish when he officially made him TNA  World Heavyweight Champion, reviving the title’s lineage. However, D’Amore appears to be backtracking on his initial decision. After a confrontation between IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann and his challenger for his title this Saturday at Sacrifice Moose, D’Amore announced that the main event match will officially and definitively unify the two championships.

This decision is questionable, as previously mentioned, because it essentially makes the decision to revive the old TNA belt seem redundant and pointless. On the other side of the coin, this decision does create the illusion that the world title has been elevated, with the champion now definitely dominating the complete lineage of IMPACT/TNA Wrestling.

However, this was surprisingly not the most shocking part of D’Amore’s announcement. The stakes were once again raised when D’Amore informed Swann and Moose that the winner of the unification match would earn the opportunity to challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. Don Callis was seen backstage after the announcement was made talking on the phone to “the Cleaner”. His reaction to the news included a smirk and a sketchy “just like we planned” to Omega.

It appears that Omega has finally reached the first stage in his journey to become the “Belt Collector” of pandemic professional wrestling. The AEW title vs IMPACT title match will take place at IMPACT Rebellion on April 24th

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