#AndNEW: Tam Nakano Wins the Wonder of Stardom Championship

Giulia Tam Nakano All Star

Do you believe in her now?

After a hellacious battle in the main event of All-Star Dream Cinderella, Tam Nakano finally vanquished her longtime foe, Giulia, to win the Wonder of Stardom Championship. Nakano, who has been on a mission to win the belt following the retirement of her tag team partner and former White Belt Champion Arisa Hoshiki, has lost every significant battle she’s had with Giulia, only defeating her in a block match of the 2020 5STAR Grand Prix. This is why, when the match was made for Budokan Hall, Tam put her hair on the line against Giulia, prompting the champion to do the same.

The match itself was a culmination of their previous singles encounters and was hard-hitting from start to finish. Giulia even hit a piledriver through a table early on, only to be one-upped by a brutal Steiner Screwdriver that would lead to Tam Nakano’s victory via the Twilight Dream. Following the match, the new champion refused to shave Giulia’s head, leading to a barber doing the honors instead. After nearly a year of fierce rivalry, both women have gained the respect of one another, with Giulia raising Nakano’s hand to end the show.

This title match marks Tam Nakano’s fifth attempt at claiming the White Belt, with her previous battles against Momo Watanabe and Arisa Hoshiki back in 2019 still being talked about to this day. While Champion, Giulia successfully defended the belt six times and held it for 220 days, making her the 5th longest reigning champion in the belt’s 10-year history.

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