All Japan News: New Challengers For Dream Power Series

Dream Power Series

Dream Power Series marks the third annual tour for All Japan Pro Wrestling. It also marks the final tour before the longest tournament for AJPW, with Champion Carnival taking place next month. We take a look at what are some of the biggest matches in this upcoming tour in this edition of All Japan News.

Elimination Match

At the last show of the Excite Series Tour, Jake Lee would turn on his friend Koji Iwamoto. With this betrayal, he would join the faction known as Enfants Terribles as its newest member and newest leader as former leader Shotaro Ashino was also be betrayed on this show by his fellow members of Enfant Terribles. In the first show of the Dream Power Series, Jake Lee, Tajiri, Hokuto Omori, Koji Doi, and Yusuke Kodama will face off against Suwama, Shotaro Ashino, Koji Iwamoto, Dan Tamura, and Hikaru Sato in an elimination match. An elimination match is pretty rare in All Japan. This will also mark the beginning of a possible new faction for Suwama, as every member except Hikaru Sato was not part of the former Evolution Stable.

All Asia Tag Title Match

At the last show for the Excite Series Tour, Atsuki Aoyagi and Rising HAYATO would defeat two other tag teams to become contenders for the All Asia Tag Team Championship. They will end up facing the champions Zeus and Izanagi on the March 8th show of the Dream Power Series. This will mark the fourth defense for the tag team and a match that is preoccupying the mind of Izanagi and Zeus as they both are challenging for different belts in this tour. Rising Hayato and Atsuki Aoyagi are still brand new as a team in All Japan, but this match could be a breakout moment for the stable known as NEXTREAM. If they win it, both teams of the NEXTREAM faction could hold gold at the same time.

World Tag Team Championship Match

Dream Power Series is known for two major events on the tour, the first show on March 14th will feature a World Tag Team Championship match between NEXTREAM (Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi) against Purple Haze (Zeus and Shigehiro Irie). This would’ve been a match that happened in the Real World Tag League last year, but due to Zeus’s COVID diagnosis, he missed the tour. This also marks Zeus’s second title match of this tour, while this match is also the second title defense for Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi, we could see a title change here as both of the champions are possible favorites and could play a major role within the Champion Carnival. The same thing could be said for the 2020 Champion Carnival Winner, Zeus.

GAORA TV Championship Match

At New Year Wars final show, Jun Kasai would end the 500+ day reign of Yoshitatsu as the GAORA TV Champion. After one successful title defense against Black Menso-Re,  Jun Kasai looks to defend his championship against Shuji Ishikawa in a match that has been advertised as a “Special Box Office Blood Fight: Crazy Monkey vs. Giant”. These two are bound to destroy each other, with this match being special as it’s two legends of the Deathmatch Wrestling scene facing off against each other. This match will happen on March 18th and will be its only match for this show.

World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

On the second major show of the Dream Power Series tour, we will have two title defenses. CIMA came into All Japan like a freight-train and immediately challenged for the World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Koji Iwamoto. This match would mark the end of the reign of Koji Iwamoto as CIMA emerged victorious.  CIMA’s first challenger is Purple Haze member Izanagi. Izanagi (the former Atsushi Maruyama or known as Tiger’s Mask in Dragon Gate) does have a history with CIMA, with his last match with CIMA being with a victory for Izanagi. It makes more sense that CIMA does have some unfinished business which is why he chose Izanagi.  If Izanagi manages to retain the All Asia tag titles this would be a champion vs champion clash, the second such match between CIMA and Izanagi.

Triple Crown Championship Grudge Match

One of the stories that defined All Japan over the past few years has been the career renaissance of Yoshitatsu. When Yoshitatsu first came into All Japan, he was always in the background of Kento Miyahara, but would also be in what could be described as a never-ending rivalry between him and Suwama. In the major tours for All Japan, Yoshitatsu has defeated Suwama three times. With Suwama only beating Yoshitatsu once. In the tag field, the Violent Giants vs. Kento Miyahara and Yoshitatsu series of 2018 was a defining tag feud in AJPW that year. After holding that GAORA TV Championship for over 500+ days, Yoshitatsu will challenge Suwama for the Triple Crown Championship in his second-ever attempt for the belt in his entire AJPW career.

This will also mark the seventh title defense for Suwama. A title defense that is important for Suwama for one reason. If Suwama wins this match, Suwama will have a second reign as Triple Crown Champion surpass 365 days, If Suwama retains, he will go into the Champion Carnival Tournament as champion. If he loses to Yoshitatsu. It will be the first time in a long while that AJPW hasn’t had the Triple Crown Champion in the tournament. What will happen? We will find out with the DREAM POWER SERIES!

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