Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez Win the 2021 Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

2021 Womens Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
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NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day saw the finals of the first-ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. On this night, the team of Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon battled Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. Not only did matches take place on WWE NXT programming, but 205 Live as well. Case and point, Blackheart and Moon battled Zoey Stark and Marina Shafir in a first-round match late last month. With the 2021 Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic being the first-ever, the stakes couldn’t have been higher. By the time the closing bell sounded, it was Kai and Gonzalez that emerged victorious, making history in the process.

Always the powerhouse, Raquel Gonzalez started the match strong for her team, overpowering Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. Not even the fast-paced offense of Blackheart and Moon seemed to do much to the woman that recently defeated former NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Dakota Kai relied on her partner’s strength, tagging herself in when it looked like their opponents were on the defensive. Soon, Blackheart got the upper hand, the “Ballsy Badass” and Moon using tandem offense on Kai. Blackheart and Moon kept Kai away from her corner as Gonzalez looked primed to get back into the fray. Slowly, but surely, Kai returned to her corner to tag in a game Gonzalez.

Upon receiving the tag, Gonzalez pummeled Moon, including fallaway slams. She even dragged in Blackheart, the nonlegal competitor, to dish out the same punishment. Gonzalez tagged in Kai, who hit a flying clothesline on Moon for a near fall. Blackheart and Gonzalez brawled on the outside, resulting in Gonzalez powerbombing her opponent against the plexiglass barrier at ringside. This left Moon alone to contend with Kai and Gonzalez. Moon stayed in the fight, evading a running clothesline from Gonzalez, who inadvertently hit Kai. From there, Moon rallied offense, hitting The Eclipse on Gonzalez. Moon went for the cover, but a distraction from Kai helped her and Gonzalez stay in the match.

As Gonzalez went for a big slam on Moon, Blackheart hit a missile dropkick; from there, Blackheart and Moon were back in the fight. Now officially in the match, Blackheart mounted offense on Kai, including a devastating knee to the face. Blackheart hit a sliced bread from the middle rope on Gonzalez for a two-count. Blackheart followed up with a tope to Kai on the outside. From there, Blackheart tagged Moon. They hit a series of maneuvers on Gonzalez for another near fall. Blackheart and Moon soon hit a Doomsday Device on Kai on the outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, Moon cinched in a submission hold on Gonzalez, only for Kai to break the hold. Gonzalez tagged Kai while Moon tagged Blackheart. Kai hit a flurry of maneuvers on Blackheart for a two-count. Not even an assisted GTK could net Kai and Gonzalez the win. Blackheart attacked Moon on the outside, sending her flying off the ramp. Blackheart continued to fight, however. Despite her best efforts, Blackheart would succumb to the tandem offense of Kai and Gonzalez. One pinfall later and Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez were declared the winners.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez winning in the 2021 Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is important for numerous reasons. Chief among them is is the first major accomplishment either woman has claimed during their time in NXT. As the tournament winners, Kai and Gonzalez have earned a future WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match. The date of the match in question has yet to be decided.

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