Preview: AEW Dynamite – Bullet Club Elite (1/27/21)

Bullet Club Elite
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Bullet Club is back bay bay. Except again not really. Regardless, Kenny Omega’s “best friends” will team with the good Christian boys The Young Bucks. Not to mention we are one week away from Beach Break together with beginning the road to AEW Revolution. Now that a date is finalized, the biggest matches from AEW are in store soon enough. Sting makes his return to action alongside Darby Allin against Team Taz’s Brian Cage & Ricky Starks on March 7th. With rumors that NXT might be moving nights, can AEW drive the competition away as well as end the Wednesday Night War? Will we hear any development on the Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament? Find out on the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z AEW Dynamite.

-Hangman Adam Page vs Ryan Nemeth

-The Young Bucks & Good Brothers vs Dark Order

-Dr. Britt Baker vs Shanna

-Cody Responds to Shaq

-MJF & Chris Jericho vs Varsity Blondes

-Jungle Boy vs Dax Harwood

-Lance Archer vs Eddie Kingston

Everybody Cries

Men are born, kings are made. If Cody Rhodes was Caesar, then Eddie Kingston is Alexander the Great. Lance Archer’s hobby of destroying monarchs will not be stopped. Their feud started when Eddie was “eliminated” from the Casino Battle Royal at All Out in which Archer won. Both men got their world title shots against Moxley and failed. Now they are at odds with one another and will settle this tonight. The Murderhawk Monster will not sleep, eat, or breathe until Eddie Kingston is put down once and for all.

Where do both of these men go after their beef is settled? Archer could very well go after the AEW World Title or the TNT Title again. Pac is still interested in brutalizing Kingston together with ongoing tension from Lance. It appears as though we might see The Bastard vs The Murderhawk Monster soon enough.

Steal the Thunder

Dr. Britt Baker has made herself the number one target in the AEW women’s division. After numerous attacks on Thunder Rosa, insults against Big Swole, and passive-aggressiveness towards everyone else. The Good Doctor is in a bad place right now. She will soon face the electrifying Thunder Rosa at Beach Break. Baker cost Rosa the NWA Women’s Title against Serena Deeb. La Mera Mera is not someone to be trifled with. The World’s most privileged dentist is about to find out if lightning does strike twice.

Tonight Baker will take on DBZ aficionado Shanna. Portugal’s Perfect Athlete has been working over on Dark since returning to the states. Now she makes her return to Dynamite before the Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament. Shanna and Baker exchanged a few shots on Twitter. Last year, Baker miraculously attacked Shanna backstage and tonight is the chance for revenge. Make sure to look forward to its inevitable 9:30 pm placement like every other women’s match!

The American Nightmare vs Steel

Derek Sampson from Arrow takes on the legendary celebrity who starred in Steel, Kazaam, and Shaq Fu in a wrestling match coming soon we think. Shaq is in a way Mr. TNT. With his hit show Shaq Life as well as Cody’s Go Big Show. It’s only fitting these titans duke it out. How and when they will fight is still to be determined. Cody needs some direction after losing the TNT Title. The idea of Cody Rhodes wrestling Basketball legend/secret evil mastermind Shaquille O’Neal is a surprise to be sure.

Cody Rhodes was distracted by Jade last week and almost lost his match against Peter Avalon. The last time Shaq appeared on AEW. He was dunked by Brandi. Just what are Shaq’s intention for Cody. Will Shaq start his own faction in AEW? Probably not however, I am curious to see where AEW is going with this. Shaq always wanted to wrestle and soon he will get his chance in a inevitable match with Cody.

Bullet Club Elite

Bullet Club Hollywood & Bullet Club Wolfpac have re-united to form Bullet Club Elite, for now. What’s next, Bullet Club B-Team? Bullet Club 2000? Anyway, The Young Bucks & Good Brothers team up tonight against the deadly cult of loveable losers. Don Callis tried to buy The Bucks away from Kenny to no avail. It appeared as though Don was attacked by the superkick partiers much to Kenny’s chagrin. Bullet Club is totally fine guys.

The Dark Order are in disarray after a sudden, yet inevitable rejection. Hangman refused to join the group after past issues with his former friends. Hangman is all alone as usual while Kenny and The Bucks continue to make awful decisions. Now the people who were genuinely nice to Hangman take on the dark, insensitive, and inconsiderate cult known as The Elite.

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