AndNEW: Manik wins IMPACT X-Division Championship



IMPACT Wrestling‘s Final Resolution saw the final ‘Defeat Rohit Raju‘ challenge of 2020 and as it turns out, the last one ever. After a string of impressive (if not shady) defenses against the likes of Willie MackJordynne GraceCrazzy Steve, and TJP; Raju was finally thwarted by the returning character of Manik. This was an interesting outcome, as the billing of the final Defeat Rohit Challenge was centered around the fact that it was open to anyone and everyone except TJP. It is common knowledge that Manik is indeed TJP under a mask, and this loophole, though controversial, was exactly what was needed to finally defeat Raju at his own corrupt game.

Despite winning his previous defenses via disqualification and count out, Raju was too preoccupied with trying to remove the mask of Manik to escape this time around. We saw a very competitive  side of Raju in this match as he relentlessly tried to gain the upper hand over his rival. He even pulled out moves like a flatliner and a crossface in desperate attempts to hold on to his title. However, the heart of Manik proved to be too much, as he rolled up Raju to become the winner and NEW X Division Champion. Raju’s reign lasted a modest 120 days.

This is not the first reign with X Division championship for Manik, as he previously held the title in 2013, losing it after 94 days to Chris Sabin. Since that time, an unmasked TJP won the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Classic and was the inaugural champion in its current iteration. TJP would be released by WWE in February of 2019 and would make his return to IMPACT in June. However, this is the first time the character Manik has been seen on television since 2016.

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