Yusuke Okada Announces Departure From All Japan Pro Wrestling

AJPW Dream Power Series

When it comes to All Japan Pro Wrestling, the process of pursuing wrestling goes through a Dojo System, one of the recent graduates of this system was Yusuke Okada. Yusuke Okada for the past while has been exclusive with the Evolution Stable in All Japan and impressed many arenas with his flying headbutts, a rogue-ish personality, and the ability to improve in almost every appearance that he had for the company. He made his debut for the company in 2017.

One of his biggest accomplishments in AJPW was winning the Jr Tag Battle To Glory last year and it seemed like something major was gonna happen for Yusuke. We got another preview of this when Yusuke eventually left Evolution to go into the openers again for the company. Most recently taking part in a six-man tag match on the final night of Real Tag League. This weird type of placement on the card has been a staple of Yusuke since the beginning of 2020, something that would become clearer with this announcement.

It was announced on Twitter that Yusuke Okada is leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling. He will be leaving AJPW on December 13th. His last match for the company is a trios match with him in Yoshi-Tatsu‘s Kingdom’s faction facing off against Deathmatch Legends Kenji Fukimoto, Masashi Takeda, and Jun Kasai. It was noted here that this is his last match due to his contract expiring.

Yusuke Okada noted that once he leaves All Japan Pro Wrestling that he will pursue freelance work. Whatever the company is, Yusuke Okada is a big prospect for any company looking for a bright-eyed young talent who’s still in the prime of his Wrestling Career. What does the future hold for Yusuke Okada? With the potential of Freelance work and being an extremely fast junior with a little bit of an ego. He could be a star elsewhere easily.

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