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At Ultimate Party 2020 the long reign of Shinya Aoki was put to a halt by the President of Cyberfight Sanshiro Takagi in a weapons rumble. After the match, Sanshiro Takagi named the stipulation for each of his defenses right then and there. All of his Extreme title defenses would take place in the street wrestling format and be aired live on youtube for free.

As these matches don’t often work well on other cards they are separated into their own thing, but make up for it with unique locations and taking advantage of everything surrounding them. It is a completely different atmosphere and in a time where a lot of wrestling is locked down due to a pandemic, it’s a freeing choice to see a wide-open area. Even if that area is only containing two wrestlers. Plus with cards being packed with the D-Ou Grand Prix there’s not much room for many other title matches so it allows the Extreme Title to stay relevant while keeping its spirit.

So far two wrestlers have stepped up for the challenge in Shunma Katsumata and more recently Rambo Kamamura. Each of the Extreme title defenses had a location that fit the challengers in a sense or in some cases give them the edge over Takagi. Shunma’s challenge took place in a sauna, which given the recent Sauna Club showing up on DDT Shows would suit him. While Rambo Kamamura’s challenge took place in an “Airsoft Mock Combat Field” allowing him to get the edge over the champion.

As the Rambo title match happened only a few days ago there is not a current challenger for the Extreme title, but during the initial announcement, anyone who would call their shot could get the chance. This is how both Shunma and Rambo made it to the top of the list so really anyone could get the next shot at the title.  Keep an eye on the youtube channel to see who’s next.

Watch the Prior Defenses

Shunma Katsumata vs Sanshiro Takagi


Rambo Kamamura vs Sanshiro Takagi


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