Preview: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 – Spring Break Forever (10/10/20)

Spring Break 4

It’s the event that even a pandemic couldn’t stop. Back by popular demand for the fourth year in a row, AEW’s Joey Janela and Game Changer Wrestling present, “Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4: Spring Break Forever.” In just a few months’ time, Janela managed to put together an exceptional card for Spring Break 4, one that he himself said he’s very proud of. The card features wrestlers from all over including ones contracted to major companies such as Major League Wrestling’s Jordan Oliver, Ring of Honor’s Jonathan Gresham, IMPACT Wrestling’s Alex Shelley, and AEW’s Santana and Ortiz. There will be indie stars and stars in the making. Legends and viral sensations. Once again, with Spring Break 4, Janela is set to bring us one heck of a show as part of October’s ongoing Collective Weekend.

The Spring Break 4 Clusterf**k Battle Royale

A uniquely Janela creation, the clusterf**k battle royale is exactly what the word entails. Though this year’s edition seems ripe with drama/controversy. In order to regain his GCW career, Ethan Page was meant to agent this chaotic explosion of a match but recent tweets seem to indicate All Ego has pulled himself from the show. Could this be a work that Page is orchestrating in order to enter himself in and ultimately win the battle royal he was charged with booking? Perhaps. It would be quite the scene for Page to book himself the victory. The match itself is stacked with all kinds of impressive entrants and legends. JTG, who returned to wrestling to take part in the For the Culture event is set to be involved, as will Shark Boy, Kerry Morton, Robert Anthony, Nasty Leroy, Mance Warner, the Walmart Dudes of internet fame, former DDT Heavymetalweight Champion, Yoshiko, the blow-up doll and so many more. And of course there are always surprises. Just ask cardboard cut out John Cena who entered the last clusterf**k match. This will no doubt be a barn burner so make sure to pay special attention as all of these near 30 guys and girls vie for their high spots in the rapid fire clusterf**k at Spring Break 4.

 Alex Shelley vs Tony Deppen

In wrestling, there is a saying: card subject to change. With Spring Break first scheduled for WrestleMania Week in April, much of the card Janela initially put together fell victim to that catch all phrase. But in the first match announced for the show, Janela noted he was happy to have saved at least one of the marquee bouts on the card, Alex Shelley vs Tony Deppen. A well-regarded indie wrestler known recently for his time in, Deppen actually challenged Shelley to this match back in January. At that time, Shelley, long known for his time in ROH and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling as one-half of the Motor City Machine Guns and in New Japan Pro Wrestling as one-half of the Time Splitters, Shelley returned to wrestling in 2019 following a short retirement. And since coming back, Shelley has been nothing short of an MVP in 2020. He had a brief stint in NXT, reunited with Chris Sabin to win the IMPACT tag team championship and now heads into Collective Weekend with a slate of interesting matches. Shelley was happy to accept Deppen’s call out back in January and now, the much-awaited match is finally here at Spring Break 4.

Jonathan Gresham vs Lee Moriarty

One of the best parts about GCW are the showcases they give up-and-coming wrestlers. One of the recent beneficiaries is Lee Moriarty, who has been one of 2020’s rising stars. Moriarty, a high flying blue-chip prospect is known for his work in the PA indie scene as well as making regular appearances for Black Label Pro, Absolute Intense Wrestling and more. Moriarty has a packed Collective Weekend as well and could very well emerge one of the Collective’s most talked about performers when all is said and done. But in order to do so he’ll have to get past the man who has been enjoying his own period of great success in 15-year veteran Jonathan Gresham. Since joining ROH, Gresham’s incredible technical prowess has been on full display for the world to see. Currently in the midst of the ROH Pure Championship Tournament, a title that may as well have been meant for him, Gresham is a man on a mission. This will be his GCW and Spring Break debut, but most likely won’t end up being his last match with the company, perhaps even to defend his newly won Pure title down the line.

ACH vs Lio Rush

Another instance of the card subject to change, only this time in a good way, comes in the form of Lio Rush and ACH, both of whom left WWE recently to return to the indies. And now, they’ll face each other for the first time in nearly four years and the first-time ever in GCW. Former stars with ROH, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and of course most recently, WWE, Rush and ACH carved their wrestling careers in much the same way. Two headstrong individuals, the indies are lucky to have these two back in action and at Spring Break, fans will get a reminder of just what was missing when Rush and ACH were in WWE. Rush and ACH will bring a high-flying, fast-paced style that is sure to fit right in with the rest of the action on this card at Spring Break 4.

The Rascalz vs Ironbeast

To some, this match announcement came as a surprise as Janela himself admitted that for months, tag team wrestling has been all but non-existent in GCW. But despite the company’s champions unable to get into the country to perform, Janela wanted to bring the art back to the forefront and picked two top teams to do so. Now with IMPACT Wrestling, the Rascalz continue to entertain inside the ring and out of it. Desmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz are two great stars in the making and as a team, the duo blend so well together despite only being united for four years. But in that time, rarely has tag title gold eluded them as the two have championship reigns in PWG, Combat Zone Wrestling, and more. They’ve got their eyes set on the IMPACT gold these days but first, they’ll get a chance to face a team they’ve never faced before in Ironbeast. The duo of Kyle the Beast and Shane Mercer are lesser known and have teamed together for far shorter (only for two months) than Xavier and Wentz but they are every bit as talented. Stylistically however, the two teams couldn’t be more different. Ironbeast will counter the Rascalz speed with their own strength as this match truly will be a battle of power vs aerial prowess.

Tremont’s GCW Retirement Match – Alex Colon vs Matt Tremont

On Saturday, October 10th, the wrestling world begins to say goodbye to a legend as hardcore and deathmatch icon, Matt Tremont, has announced he’ll be hanging up the boots following one final run. A true visionary in the deathmatch style, Tremont’s career spans decades and is filled with more crimson masks, more barbed wire, more light tubes, than anyone should ever see. But he’s done it consistently and been one of the best in his career. A former CZW and GCW world champion, Tremont’s legacy will live on well beyond his retirement but like any athlete, that doesn’t mean he’ll rest of his laurels. Tremont has one final shot to to showcase his talent to the world and he won’t let it go to waste. Especially as he faces former rival, Alex Colon, who is making his Spring Break debut for this all important rubber match in their rivalry. There is no stipulation attached to this match, but with these two, it doesn’t matter as the past two times they’ve faced have both been brutal, bloody affairs. With one win each, will Tremont pass the baton and go out as most wrestlers do, on their back, or will he give Colon one last middle finger on the way out? No matter what happens at Spring Break 4, this will be a violent war and fans should want nothing but that from these two deathmatch connesouirs.

Alex Zayne, Blake Christian, and Jordan Oliver vs Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson, Ortiz, Santana)

Janela pulled off a huge get for this six-man tag as GCW regulars Alex Zayne, Blake Christian and Jordan Oliver will team with the reunited Team Pazuzu for the first time ever. Two of wrestling’s recent break out stars, Zayne and Christian truly are studs. With no shortage of talent and innovation, these two made their mark in GCW and have taken the world by storm, even recently wrestling in NJPW. Oliver is no slouch himself. As a member of #injustice, the young star has been a staple in MLW and the indies, taking on all comers and always showcasing some tremendous in ring ability. These three are new to teaming up however, something that can’t be said for their opponents. Team Pazuzu spent much of 2018 absolutely terrorizing the indies, specifically BEYOND Wrestling. The trio of Chris Dickinson, Santana and Ortiz were everything you’d expect a monster faction to be and they were certainly a group no one was happy to see from across the ring. Dickinson has been one of the indies’ best kept secrets for far too long and was set to have an incredible WrestleMania Week beyond COVID canceled everything. However, this was one match that wasn’t on the cards then, but is now. It’s a rare indie appearance for Santana and Ortiz since joining AEW and the Inner Circle. And while a two year layoff of teaming could create some chemistry issues, expect these three to get right back to where they started by demolishing anyone and everyone standing in their path to glory.

Ricky Morton vs Joey Janela

That brings us to the main event. The coup de grace as it were. In the history of Spring Break, Janela has always booked himself in matches that sometimes leave people scratching their heads. None of them are what you’d call a traditional dream match but all of them are exactly that for the longtime East Coast indie vet. This year’s is no different as Janela has hand-picked one of his idols, Ricky Morton, to face at Spring Break. Morton’s career speaks for itself. With over 40 years in the pro wrestling industry, one-half of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, this guy has seen and done literally everything. He’s wrestled everywhere and everyone, in nearly every country. But he’s never wrestled at Spring Break and he’s never faced Janela, whose own career has in part been modeled after that of Morton. It’s Janela’s show, so he gets what he wants, and that means finally having a match that seems to have been on the bucket list. Morton is a legend but he’s also someone who inexplicably, in his 70s, can still wrestle. This match won’t be a technical classic but it should be a fun one regardless. The student will face the teacher as Janela looks to end Morton’s in ring career once and for all.

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