Mustafa Ali Revealed as the Leader of Retribution

Mustafa Ali Retribution WWE RAW

Since the inception of the Retribution stable earlier this summer, the seemingly limitless potential of the group has fallen flat at every turn. From their lackluster and cringeworthy takeover of the Performance Center on SmackDown, to burning generators for absolutely no reason, to ridiculous names such as “T-Bar” and “Slapjack“, this attempt at a viable callback to the success of Nexus has been nothing short of a failure. The promising main roster careers of amazing performers like Dominick Dijakovic and Mia Yim seemed to be squandered in this uninspired car crash. This was until this past Monday on RAW, when the unexpected happened.

A Lawful Good Joins the Lawless

The Hurt Business (comprised of Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and MVP) has been relentless in their effort to run Retribution out of the show they believe they run. They have also been persistent in pursuing (and bullying) the team of Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali. The story of last night’s RAW led the viewer to believe that Ricochet may be the next member of The Hurt Business, following the dark path his former friend Cedric took. This was teased throughout the night, up until Retribution interfered in a match involving the feuding groups. However, in the most inspired swerve this writer has seen in a long time, Ali stood with Retribution, commanding a vicious beat down of both sides.

To the dismay of viewers all over the world, Ali has gone from one of the most beloved underdog babyfaces in the company to an evil-intentioned leader. It is almost ironic, in that a former cop is now the leader of a ragtag group of delinquents, which makes this plot twist all the more surprising. It is hard not to feel excited for Ali, however, who may finally have found the catalyst he’s needed to make him the top star he frankly should have been years ago.

What Does the Future Hold for Mustafa Ali and Retribution?

It is important to remember that, over a year ago, Ali was being positioned as a top challenger for the WWE Championship in his debut run on SmackDown. However, an injury sustained at the hands of Randy Orton left Ali out of the Elimination Chamber match in 2019, reportedly leading to the emergence of KofiMania. Since his return, Ali has yet to capture the magic he once had, going from the “soul of the cruiserweight division” to yet another floundering talent on Main Event. However, siding with Retribution is a win for everyone involved. Through just one memorable segment, both Retribution and Mustafa Ali have become credible.

Hopefully we are finally past the time of childish shouting and unnecessary property damage. Perhaps now see the true potential of this renegade faction. All hail Prince Ali, leader of Retribution.

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