(Spoiler) Wins Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix 2020

5STAR Grand Prix Final 2020

For the past few weeks Stardom has been running the 5STAR Grand Prix 2020.  The round-robin tournament was unpredictable until the very last day as at least seven performers went into the final day with a chance to win their blocks.  In the end, Utami Hayashishita emerged as the winner of not only her block but the tournament as a whole.

Hayashishita wrestled Syuri to a gruelling 20-minute draw in the penultimate match of the night which allowed Hayashishita to squeak through as the block winner by a single point, her draw with Momo Watanabe coming in very helpful.  Hayashishita then had to immediately wrestle Himeka, the red stars block winner, and in a herculean effort pulled out the victory over the “jumbo princess” and won the 5STAR Grand Prix 2020.

It was always only a matter of time before we saw Utami Hayashishita wear this crown, ever since her debut in 2018 she has been pushed as a wrestling prodigy.  Just months after her debut she went to the finals of her debut GP before going on to win a number of championships in her rookie year, at one point holding 4 at one time. In 2020 we have seen her emerge as a legitimate top star in the company as she left the Future Of Stardom division behind and debuted a new look signifying her graduation from being seen as a newcomer.  With her eyes set on Mayu Iwatani and the World Of Stardom Championship we may see Utami Hayashishita win the top title in Stardom sooner rather than later.

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