Preview: NJPW STRONG Week 5 (9/4/20)

NJPW Strong Week 5

NJPW STRONG is the weekly television show for NJPW fans in the United States. NJPW recently finished up the IWGP US Heavyweight New Japan Cup. The company will celebrate this upcoming episode with the title “Fighting Spirit Unleashed.” This episode will be the first part of this multi-day tour. However, it will persist under the NJPW STRONG. Let’s get into this preview.

NJPW Strong Week 5

The DKC and Clark Conners vs. Alex Zayne and Fred Rosser

Alex Zayne showed promise in a recent episode of NJPW STRONG. Clark Conners and The DKC have become mainstays of the current NJPW STRONG roster. However, one of the newest names to join the NJPW roster is Fred Rosser. Wrestling fans may know him better as the former WWE Tag Champion, Darren Young. This is the debut match for Rosser, someone who was just announced last week to be part of this card. Experience is big with Rosser and Zayne. Meanwhile, Conners has not had the best of luck as of recently. This should be an interesting bout to start the show.

NJPW Karl Fredericks Misterioso

Karl Fredericks vs. Misterioso

Karl Fredericks has become one of the top young lions of the LA Dojo. In terms of freedom with gear and moves, he is one of the most impressive mainstays from the New Japan Dojo. On this episode, Fredericks faces off against Misterioso. They have faced each other in the past, though primarily in tag encounters against each other. In these encounters, Fredericks has not had the best of luck. In this match, the lucha libre style of Misterioso will be another challenge for the tall, strong Fredericks. The rivalry between these two will heat up for our second match of the show.

NJPW Brody King Hikuleo

Brody King vs. Hikuleo

Brody King was last seen in NJPW in a tag match against Bullet Club, a match he won at that. Soon thereafter, however, another wrestler returned to NJPW in the form of Hikuleo. For the uninitiated, Hikuleo is known by many as the third Tonga brother. He was part of the New Zealand dojo, too. Before this match, Hikuleo was on a British excursion with Revolution Pro Wrestling. He also did a couple of appearances for NJPW during this period. Hikuleo hasn’t been seen by Japan’s faithful since May of 2019. Hikuleo is looking for revenge for Chase Owens and he’ll be getting that with King in our third match of the show.

Flip Gordon Jay White

Main Event: Flip Gordon vs. Jay White

About two weeks ago, the leader of New Japan’s Bullet Club stable came back after almost six months of inactivity. Jay White was in a tag match with Chase Owens, facing off against Flip Gordon and Brody King. In this tag match, Gordon and King would recieve an upset victory, with Gordon impresssing in the bout. Now, White looks to get his sneaky devilish hands on the neck of Gordon once again, this time in a singles encounter. White’s last big singles match was SANADA at New Beginnning In Osaka. Meanwhile, Gordon hasn’t had experience with singles matches since 2019.

White wants to prove that, as the leader of Bullet Club, he isn’t weak. Additionally, other members were highjacking his position as of recently, especially with EVIL and KENTA being where they are now. Jealousy? No, Pride. That’s what White represents here. Losing to Gordon would be a gigantic upset. If White wins this, not only will he avenge his loss in that recent tag match, but get the attention of other members to prove that he’s the true dastardly leader of Bullet Club. All of this will take place in the NJPW STRONG Week 5 Main Event.

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