Preview: AEW Dynamite – The Go Home Show (9/2/20)

AEW Dyamite
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All Out is just days away, but first, there is one episode of AEW Dynamite left and it’s a big one. The go-home Dynamite will see some scores settled, determine the final match on the PPV card, and will most certainly not be without controversy or surprises. Plus, with only nine names announced so far, expect more announcements for the Casino Battle Royale. The Road to All Out wraps up on Wednesday. Let’s take a look at what AEW has in store for the first Dynamite of September.

Chris Jericho vs Joey Janela

Chris Jericho spent last week’s episode of Dynamite on commentary, providing analysis that only Le Champion could. But he was in for one of the biggest surprises of the night as his All Out opponent, Orange Cassidy, attacked him as the show went off the air. With tensions high in advance of the Mimosa Mayhem match, Jericho is set for a tune-up against Joey Janela. This will be Jericho’s first match since he lost to Cassidy a few weeks ago. It will also be the first time that the Demo God and the Bad Boy will have ever shared a ring in any capacity.

Janela has spent the last few months returning the indie scene, but in AEW, he hasn’t wrestled a singles match since Fyter Fest in early July as he’s been spending his time in a tag team with Sonny Kiss of late. This should be a fun match between two talented competitors. Just make sure to be on the lookout for the Inner Circle, who will no doubt be lurking.

Jon Moxley vs Mark Sterling

Poor, not-so Smark Mark…Here Mark Sterling just thought he was being a good lawyer when he seemingly convinced Jon Moxley to sign the contract banning the Paradigm Shift from Moxley’s world title match against MJF. Only, Sterling didn’t check the contract for last-minute additions made on page 17. It was only a 16-page contract after all, until Mox got a hold of it. A slight caveat as it were. While Moxley did agree to not have use of his finishing move at All Out, MJF also agreed that his lawyer would face Moxley on the go-home show, in a match where Moxley would very much have use of his finishing move.

Smart Mark, we hardly knew ye. Moxley has promised to drop Sterling on his head with the Paradigm Shift not once, not twice, but five-or-so times. Hopefully Sterling has a good doctor to help him recover from the pain he’s about to experience at the hands of the champ. Though, perhaps MJF has something up his sleeve to save his associate from the beating of his life. Sterling can only hope as his comical attempt at taking a lock-up in a training video was less than promising for Team MJF.

Young Bucks and Jurassic Express vs Private Party and SCU

This one is going to be an absolute barn burner. Private Party, SCU, the Young Bucks and Jurassic Express are four of the most exciting tag teams in AEW and at one point in time, all four have been at or near the top of the title picture. Right now, only the Bucks are ranked in the top five, but with the success that Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian have had, it will only be a matter of time until SCU’s second team challenges for the tag titles. Same goes for Private Party and Jurassic Express, both of whom are working their way back into the title picture.

There are high stakes to this one as these teams will go from being allies to enemies come All Out. The Young Bucks will certainly be looking to get their way onto the card after what happened last week, when Hangman Page shockingly cost them their #1 contenders gauntlet match. They’ll partner with Jurassic Express’ Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, who have found success as a duo especially of late. Standing opposite these two great teams are SCU and Private Party, two talented duos in their own right. It’s hard to pick a winner in this one, but it seems the Bucks and Jurassic Express are going to be the ones heading to All Out to fae each other.

Santana and Ortiz vs Best Friends

In this history of wrestling, feuds have been started for all kinds of reasons over all kinds of seemingly silly things. This is one of them as it all started with Sue’s van. While Best Friends had been embroiled with the Inner Circle’s Santana and Ortiz as part of the Orange Cassidy/Chris Jericho feud, it wasn’t until a month or so ago when things between the two top teams started to get personal. Enter Sue AKA Trent’s mom. When she wasn’t being recruited by the Dark Order, Sue was playing the role of Uber driver for Chuck Taylor and Trent. This led to her white van being introduced to the scene and in wrestling, nothing is made part of the story without there being a reason.

Shortly after Sue’s van made its AEW debut, Trent asked his mom if Best Friends could borrow the van in order to get to Dynamite. Sue gave the okay but made them promise they’d park it somewhere safe so nothing would happen to it. And Taylor personally promised Sue nothing would. Santana and Ortiz however, did not make that promise, and decimated and vandalized the van as a result. As tensions heightened, the duo even began making inappropriate comments about Sue, which turned things personal real fast. The two teams were last seen brawling on Tuesday night’s DARK, a prelude to the carnage that we’re likely to see on Wednesday night.

Programming note: The September 16th episode of AEW Dynamite will air on September 17th instead due to TNT airing the NBA playoffs. Make sure to set your DVR in order not to miss any of the action!

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