#AndNEW?: NXT Championship Four-Way Iron Man Match Decision

NXT Championship 4-Way Iron Man Match
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On NXT Super Tuesday, the vacant NXT Championship was up for grabs. On last week’s episode of NXT, Karrion Kross had to relinquish the title following a legitimate shoulder separation. This left the top title on the black-and-gold brand without a holder. Not long after, it was decided that four previous NXT Champions would face off in a four-way 60-minute iron man match. The competitors in question were Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Finn Balor, and Tommaso Ciampa.

These four men would face each other for the vacant NXT Championship. Securing a decision proved to be difficult, as the match went almost a half hour without a pinfall or submission. These men fought violently and even Gargano and Ciampa, former partners in their own right, had a stand-off. Despite their history, there were no warm feelings. Their goal was the same: to become the new NXT Champion.

This streak without a decision would soon be broken, however, when Balor secured a pinfall victory following a Coup de Grace. From there, a fall would be won by Gargano, albeit in sneaky fashion. Cole picked up fall for himself after hitting the Panama Sunrise on Gargano. Ciampa would plant Cole with the Fairy Tale Ending for a pinfall of his own. With a little over twenty minutes left in this iron man match, each competitor was on the board. However, as stated by Vic Joseph on commentary, only one could be the true iron man.

Though this iron man match remained competitive, as the minutes ticked down, fatigue started to set in. The pace was slowed, each man taking their time to get the next decision and, by proxy, the advantage. Cole weakened Ciampa’s knee, which became a target by the other competitors. Gargano utilized his speed, hitting multiple topes and even an apron-assisted tornado DDT. Despite his weakened knee, Ciampa brutally punished his opponents, living up to his “Psycho Killer” moniker. Several pinfall attempts were broken by other competitors, not one letting another take the lead.

Suddenly, Balor landed another Coup de Grace on Ciampa, picking up the second fall. Not long after, Cole blasted Balor from behind with the Last Shot, picking up a second fall for himself with mere seconds left on the clock. The match ended with Balor and Cole as the two stand-outs in the match. As the only two men with two falls to their name, Balor and Cole argued, several officials surrounding them. This led to NXT General Manager William Regal entering the ring to confront the men. Regal decided that next week, at NXT Super Tuesday 2, Balor and Cole would face each other in singles competition for the NXT Championship.

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