#AndNEW: Roman Reigns Wins Universal Championship At Payback

Roman Reigns Payback

Wreck Everything, win the Universal Championship and leave. Words to live by when you are Roman Reigns. And he did that on Sunday during the Payback PPV as his new alliance with Paul Heyman paid dividends when he walked out of the show as the new Universal Champion.

Sunday was an interesting twist as no one knew if Reigns was going to sign the contract as of yet and he didn’t for a while. Instead, “The Fiend” and Braun Strowman battled it out for the majority of the match, hitting each other with everything they got. Falling through tables, smashing each other with the special Fiend Mallet. But it was when both men went to the top rope that chaos ensued as the superplex by Wyatt to Strowman destroyed the ring, making it implode and sending the referee Charles Robinson out of the ring.

Following this was when Reigns not only showed up but signed the contract that officially made him a part of the match. The heelish Reigns walked down to the ring with confidence as he figured this would be a walk in the part with both men down but all the time spent waiting for a referee allowed but men to kick out repeatedly. Reigns began to look worried, grabbing the steel chair that he had brought with him to smash Strowman. Eventually, “The Fiend” would lock on the mandible claw to Reigns.

With full desperation, “The Big Dog” hit Wyatt with a low blow to essentially eliminate him from the match. He then turned his attention to Strowman and hit him with the massive spear to win the match and become the new Universal Champion.

Considering the finish, Wyatt should be expected to have unfinished business with Roman Reigns.

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