Legendary CMLL Ring Announcer Armando Gaitan Passes Away

Armando Gaitan

In an announcement made by his family, it has been confirmed that long-time CMLL ring announcer Armando Gaitan has passed away aged 76 with no cause of death confirmed.  Nicknames “Mucha Crema” he became a defining voice for the promotion in a similar way to how American fans remember Howard Finkel.

Armando Gaitan started out his combat sports career as an announcer for Boxing but wrestling quickly came calling.  Gaitan quickly became known for making each wrestler introduction unique to that wrestler which really helped his presentation.  It’s touches like that which he will be most remembered for.

For some time Gaitan battled with Vitorino who was also a ring announcer for the same company, they were both very different and had their own unique style of introducing wrestlers with some preferring Vitorino’s no-nonsense approach and others preferring the eccentric Armando Gaitan.

Vitorino passed away in 1996 leaving Gaitan as the sole voice of CMLL until he departed the company in 2009.  He would stay in wrestling though as he would be the announcer for Los Perros Del Mal promotion.  The Lucha libre world has been rocked by the news of Gaitan’s passing as he was an iconic figure in the world of Lucha libre and one of the most memorable voices in the sport.

We at LWOPW send our thoughts to Gaitan’s family and friends at this time.


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