RETRIBUTION Brings All Out Destruction To SmackDown

Photo: WWE

This past Monday on Raw, there was a new stable teased to have been bringing chaos to the show. On that show, we saw the lights go out, microphones cut, and eventually, a group throw a Molotov at a generator in celebration. Many assumed that they would be a Raw only group but on Friday night, they showed that RETRIBUTION was coming for everyone. Of course, it was announced that RETRIBUTION will be the name of the group moving forward and have instantly become the most intriguing part of the WWE. Don’t think so? Well, here’s what they did on SmackDown to make you think differently. Destruction was on their mind.

From the ropes being destroyed to the crowd being attacked, RETRIBUTION delivered on their promise to wreak havoc and let the world know they were here. As of this writing, no one has yet to be revealed but it seems as though the group consists of three men and two women, bringing an incredibly unique dynamic to the company. Interestingly enough, something like this has not been seen in WWE for a decade, as the last group to make an impact like this was Nexus.

With them making it clear that they are bringing this type of change to Raw and SmackDown, one has to wonder if the five masked individuals could be coming from NXT as that was the only show this week left unscathed. Time will tell, but this is something to follow as the group attempts to change the landscape dramatically.

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