A New Faction Brings Chaos To Monday Night Raw

new faction
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Monday Night Raw carried plenty of intrigue on Monday as WWE announced that there would be a new faction debuting on the show. And while no one happened to officially announce themselves as part of this stable, the message of uncertainty and chaos was heard loud and clear. Throughout the night, a number of odd occurrences happened as the lights would go out or become dim at times, the microphones would cut, and loud noises of boxes smashing would occur. There were multiple instances that it was traced to someone, perhaps even Shane McMahon being behind it. But if what we saw as the final act by the new stable is to tell us anything, they’re a separate group of chaos altogether.

Chaos is nearing Monday Night Raw as five unnamed people seem to be behind it all. It is almost as if they are a riot group trying to bring change to Raw one way or another. On Monday, it was revealed that the term “Justus” was being filed for trademark by the WWE. That could very well be the name that the group takes on, but again, nothing is for sure.

WWE didn’t announce who or what could be behind it, but another interesting development from the show was that Montez Ford was “poisoned,” which could mean that they were behind that as well.

This stable is coming to make a splash somehow and someway. It’s only a matter of time before the world knows who is bringing the chaos to Monday Night Raw.

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