#AndNEW: Maika Wins Future Of Stardom Championship


Donna Del Mondo member Maika added another accolade to the group’s growing list as she captured the Future Of Stardom Championship at Stardom Explode In Summer defeating Saya Iida and Saya Kamitani in a triple threat match where you had to pin both of your opponent’s in a row to win.

The JUST TAP OUT roster member only debuted in 2019 but is already a very solid performer and uses a more technical, judo influenced style.  In January she was recruited by Giulia to be her first stablemate and has since gone on to become a double champion, Maika is also one-third of the Artist Of Stardom Champions.

Stardom will be looking to avoid repeating their old mistakes with the Future title as Utami Hayashishita was booked far stronger than anyone else that could vie for the title, leading to her vacating it.  With Maika, Stardom has a credible champion that can have good matches with her peers but most importantly can viably lose to the other women on her level.

Elsewhere on this card Stardom confirmed the main event for their July 26th Korakuen Hall event as Giulia and Tam Nakano defeated Konami and Natsuko Tora respectively meaning they will face one another for the Wonder Of Stardom Championship at Stardom Cinderella Summer In Tokyo.

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