Can You Bet On A Wrestling Show?

Wrestling Show

Pro-wrestling; a contact sport that is entertained by all. One can say that it is a very violent contact sport but one cannot lie that it is a favorite among many. Founded during the 1950’s, they hold 500 shows a year and have approximately 36 million people who watch their shows. WWE is right when they say that they are recognized as a leader in global entertainment. Their Wrestling matches are rumored to be organized and fake, performed by actors. Whether that is true or not, we cannot lie that there are so many reasons why WWE events are a people’s favorite. WWE wrestling is undeniably one of the most unique experiences with wrestlers fighting through crowds of people, wrestlers fighting outside of an arena, wrestlers falling off of high stages, the list goes on. People live for the drama that the show represents, It’s ultimately about the triumph of good over evil and vice versa. There’s lots of powerful emotions and inspiration behind the matches. 

With WWE wrestling, comes WWE betting. Sports betting has always been present in any sport whether that be baseball, boxing and so on. What better way to enjoy the show than to have fun and bet over your favorite wrestlers too? Many WWE fans have a specific wrestler that they adore, and their favorite activity is to bet on which wrestler they think will win the match! There are three main WWE tv shows that run regularly, therefore you can bet as many times as you want per week! Monday Night Raw is a WWE pro-wrestling program that airs live every Monday night at 8 pm. Since the release of Raw, it has been broadcast live on 208 arenas in 171 different cities in 11 different countries. Smackdown is a wrestling program that airs live every Friday night. Since the release of Smackdown, it has been broadcast from 162 different arenas, in 147 different cities, in 7 different countries. And lastly, WWE NXT is basically a minor league of professional wrestling. It is the lowest of the three, there are still many who watch the show and still get entertained. 

What are the different types of betting options on WWE betting? 

WWE betting is very simple. All you have to do is pick who you think is going to win and sit back and enjoy the show. Though it is very simple, online sportsbooks will offer basic prop bets for players to bet on. Here are a few prop bets that may be offered on an online betting site: 

  • First-time Winner – This prop bet pays when the winner has never won any WWE matches before. You are very unlikely to win but when you get lucky, you are most likely to win.
  • Longest Ring Time – This is a bet on which wrestler spends most of his or her time inside the ring during the event. 
  • First to Appear – This prop bet allows you to bet on which wrestler will appear on the show first. This is a very hard bet to win as there are dozens of wrestlers out there and you will never really know who comes out first. 
  • Appearance Bets – These are prop bets that are centered around a certain person who will show up to an event.
  • Bout Outcome -These are prop bets where you guess how the event will end. This means that you do not vote for a specific wrestler rather you are betting on whoever wins.
  •  Most Elimination – These are prop bets that are only offered during multi-person bouts like the Royal Rumble. 

Betting is very simple, it is also one of the most entertaining forms of gambling because you not only watch a wrestling match, but you also bet on your preferred wrestlers. The most exciting thing about WWE betting is that you are always holding on to your seat! You never know who will win. The matches may or may not be scripted, but only a select few know the truth and are protective of this information. If you are a regular in online betting such as pro-wrestling, gambling sites will allow you to bet on the outcome of whatever match is offered on the show. You can also visit a trusted online casino Malaysia, where you will find a lot of gambling & betting options. Not to worry, betting sites offer betting in so many different styles! You better ask for betting tips and tricks because the betting odds are endless. 

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