Bask In His Glory: What’s Next For NXT’S First Dual Singles Champion

Bask In His Glory

Keith Lee continues to show why “The Limitless One” is more than just a great nickname. By defeating Adam Cole he is NXT’s first dual singles champion, we do not count Paige as the Diva’s Championship was not an NXT title. This is uncharted territory for the black and gold brand, so let’s Bask In His Glory and see what might await “The Moment Maker” as he begins this historic reign.


This is probably the most far fetched choice on this list, especially given the current state of the world, it is also one of the more exciting choices. The clash between these two titans alone would be reason enough to make this match, but the potential story is even better. Adam Cole is the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history if Lee wants to build a legacy as the most dominant NXT Champion, he might need to start collecting accolades.

Not only is WALTER the reigning NXT UK Champion, but he is also undefeated on the NXT brand. This would be a very easy match to build and if you throw in WALTER’s Imperium stablemates, you have one of the biggest challenges in Lee’s career.

Dominik Dijakovic

NXT takeover: Portland

Though he has been rumored to move up to the main roster, Dominik Dijakovic may find himself down in NXT for a little longer. I will admit this is the least exciting option, this might be the most likely immediate option the brand has available.

These two have been tied together almost their entire NXT career and if NXT plans on keeping the North American Championship as an active title, Dijakovic would not be a bad choice.

Karrion Kross

Photo: WWE NXT

Karrion Kross vs Keith Lee will be a defining feud for the brand when it happens, hopefully, it is the culmination of a long title run for Lee and a dominant streak for Kross. Picture the build-up of Kross continually targetting the pillars of NXT Adam Cole, Finn Balor, and Johnny Gargano before setting his sights on the NXT Champion.  While it would appear Kross’ sights are set firmly on Adam Cole he will no doubt chase NXT gold sooner or later

Main Roster

Bask In His Glory

Though all of the prior options are more exciting, it would not be surprising to see them cut Keith’s reigns short to both “protect” Lee and capitalize on his popularity. It’s not very hard to see why WWE would be tempted to bring Lee up, even if it would be a short-sighted move.

Given how many superstars are staying at home though, it might be too much temptation for WWE to resist. The move would bring in a plethora of new opponents for Lee but would leave NXT with the biggest void it has ever had to fill.

No matter what the future holds for Keith Lee’s historic achievement, I am sure we will continue to bask in his glory.

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