UK Indie Star Los Federales Santos Jr Steps Away From Wrestling

Los Federales Santos Jr

Los Federales Santos Jr mostly known for his work as one half of the Anti Fun Police has made a Twitter post stating that he will be stepping away from wrestling as his heart just isn’t in it anymore.

As part of the Anti Fun Police, Santos Jr competed all around the UK and Europe for almost every top company in the scene including ATTACK! Pro WrestlingPROGRESS WrestlingOver The Top (OTT) Wrestling, Fight Club: Pro and Insane Championship Wrestling among many many others.

Despite their name the two had some incredibly fun comedy matches including a fantastic clash in OTT with Club Tropicana that any fan of comedy wrestling should seek out.  They also embraced their sillier side on Tuesday Night Graps events which only got wackier with each passing show.  Los Federales Santos Jr was always there to back up his captain often in the funniest ways.

When not doing comedy the two were capable of being a good heel act as hating fun never went down well with fans.  Santos will surely be missed as he was someone incapable of having a poor performance in any match.  Add to that his fantastic character work and you had a recipe for one of the most consistently good performers in the UK scene.

It’s always a pity to see someone so good step away but Santos is making the choice that is right for him.  We can only hope to see him again down the line.

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