Preview: WWE – Monday Night RAW (6/29/20)

Monday Night RAW

Monday Night RAW returns once more this Monday.  Both RAW and the WWE as a whole have come under scrutiny recently, with a number of employees testing positive for COVID-19.  WWE has always lived by “the show must go on” as a motto and it looks as though this troublesome period will be no different.  What does the red brand have in store this week? Let’s find out!

Will Seth Rollins Continue To Wreak Havoc on Monday Night RAW?

Last week, Dominik Mysterio came dangerously close to undergoing the same fate as his father last month.  Seth Rollins, RAW’s own Monday Night Messiah, attempted to make the young Mysterio his latest sacrifice.  Of course, with Dominik receiving assistance from his father, Rey Mysterio, as well as Aleister Black and Humberto Carillo, Dominik was spared the hefty fee of an optician check.  This week, WWE are teasing that Seth Rollins will continue wreaking havoc upon the flagship brand.  What could he have in store? If I was Dominik, I’d maybe invest in a solid helmet.

Samoa Joe Hosts Double Contract Signing

Monday Night RAW

Is there anything Samoa Joe can’t do? From being one of the greatest workers this century, to also recently revealing he’s actually an excellent commentator, he’s now trying his hand at “contract signing enforcer”.  Will he be great at that also? Stay tuned.  Aside from Joe, we also have Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Sasha Banks and Asuka appearing in this segment, to sign the contracts.  Drew has acquired the prestigious “Face of the Company” moniker in recent months.  Ziggler, a long-time WWE employee with tonnes of history with Drew, will be looking to shake the apple cart, though he realistically has no chance of unseating Drew… right? Sasha and Asuka, however, is a far more enticing match.  Sasha and Bayley are currently on a mission to capture all women’s titles in the company.  With Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair both out of the picture, it can be done.  With Sasha also penned to face Io Shirai this coming week, anything is possible.

Not Announced But Expected

Randy Orton has brought back the Legend Killer and has become the most interesting act on RAW.  How will he deal with Big Show this week?

– More 24/7 Championship shenanigans with Akira Tozawa

Bobby Lashley (with MVP) to continue his feud with Apollo Crews

RAW has some interesting feuds going on currently.  Seth Rollins has been must-see television for months now.  With Randy Orton becoming arguably the most interesting and entertaining version of his character in well over a decade (if not ever), Monday Night RAW is certainly picking up the pace.  Tune in to USA Network this Monday to see where this is all leading.

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