Christian Vs. Randy Orton: Revisiting The Underrated Rivalry

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This past Monday night on Raw, Christian came out of retirement to take on Randy Orton in an unsanctioned match. While it did not last long, it was a match that is likely to lead to more. Christian was punted in the head by Orton, meaning he will be out of action for some time. However, one has to expect that Christian return will not stop there in a 30-second match. With Edge out, he seems to be falling into that spot with a potential match at Extreme Rules or SummerSlam on the agenda. The Edge vs. Randy Orton feud has been great TV to this point, but ahead of the probable feud between Christian and Orton, we will take a look back at their feud almost a decade ago.

A feud that occurred during the same time as the WWE’s version of “Summer of Punk.” Due to the timing, some may forget how great these two worked together. So let us revisit one of WWE’s most underrated rivalries for you. Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Finally His Moment — Christian Wins First World Heavyweight Championship In WWE At Extreme Rules 2011

Christian Vs. Randy Orton

When Edge was forced to retire in 2011, SmackDown was facing a problem in terms of main event talent. Alberto Del Rio still seemed to be the choice by the company as the future champion, but WWE saw a far better story. Everyone has known that Christian and Edge are childhood friends and came into the business together. Add the fact that Christian had never been a world champion in the WWE and it made for an even better story. So by winning a battle royal, he earned his shot to fight for the championship Edge had to vacate, the World Heavyweight Championship. At Extreme Rules, it would be Christian vs. Del Rio for the title in a ladder match.

The back and forth battle saw Edge make his return, as he distracted Del Rio to aid Christian. Christian managed to stop Del Rio, climb the ladder, and pulled down his first-ever world title in the WWE. “The Rated R Superstar” had tears in his eyes watching his childhood best friend achieve his dream. It was a feel-good moment. One that no one could have expected to end so suddenly.

Over In An Instant — Randy Orton Defeats Christian In Main Event Of SmackDown To Win World Heavyweight Championship Two Days Later

Following the WWE Draft the night prior, Randy Orton found himself on SmackDown for the first time since 2006. As a celebration of their roster changes, Orton was given a World Heavyweight Championship match against the new champion, Christian, in the main event. It was there that heartbreak set in for long time Christian fans, as Randy Orton managed to have his number. An RKO would put the fairytale to an end. Just two days after Christian achieved his dream. What would come from it, however, is one incredible rivalry between the two.

Failure Leads To Turn — Following A Failed Attempt To Recapture, Christian Turns Heel By Taking Out Orton

The two would have a rematch at Over The Limit. Orton and Christian battled back and forth in a fantastic match, but it was not enough for Christian to finally defeat Orton. Instead, it was the champion who walked away victorious once again. As a fan, you could see that Christian was feeling defeated and beginning to lose it. In Orton’s next championship match on SmackDown against Sheamus, Christian would serve as the special guest referee.

This match was the one that saw Christian snap. He would smash Orton with the World Heavyweight Championship, thus turning heel and no longer being the respectful loser. For Christian, it was all about getting that championship back and not playing to the fans any longer. Despite the way he did it, it turned out to be the right path for him to regain the championship. Christian got another shot at the title at the one-off PPV, Capitol Punishment. Orton managed to win again. It was becoming clear that Christian may not have been able to defeat Orton despite coming closer and closer every time out. It led to him twisting the rules for his next opportunity.

Finally Champion Again — Orton Snaps Mid-Match, Leading To Christian Regaining The World Heavyweight Championship

Christian felt he was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship in their last match. So, the stipulation was made for the Money in the Bank PPV that if Randy Orton were to get disqualified or the referee made a bad call, Christian was to win the match and be award the World Heavyweight Championship. This is a stipulation that has been made many times in wrestling prior but never usually resulted in a title change. In what could have been assumed as Christian’s last chance, he angered Orton to the point where the champion snapped, kicking him low.

It was deemed that this was illegal, leading to the referee ending the match and Christian winning his second World Heavyweight Championship. With Orton losing the title, this was going to lead to a match for all the marbles.

Absolute Classic Essentially Ends Feud — Orton Regains World Heavyweight Championship From Christian In Classic No Holds Barred Match At SummerSlam

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Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship is one of the most underrated feuds in WWE history and the SummerSlam match shows that. They outdid the rematch between CM Punk and John Cena that night. They outdid everyone, to be fair. In a No Holds Barred match, these two beat the lives out of each other over the World Heavyweight Championship. And to make the match even better, the finish was picture perfect. As Orton prepped for the RKO, Chrisitan was clever to have a Kendo Stick and smack Orton. He would hop onto the second rope for a crossbody before getting caught with an RKO onto the steel steps.

With that, Orton would become the World Heavyweight Champion once again. They would go on to have one final match on SmackDown, a steel cage. Orton would win that one too. It was the SummerSlam match that really put the exclamation point on this incredible feud. Orton managed to have his number match after match. With these two seem destined to fight again, will it be much of the same?

What’s Next For Christian And Randy Orton Rivalry

On Monday Night Raw, Christian suffered defeat at the hands of Randy Orton thanks to Ric Flair. There is no saying where this could go, as it was not really a “match” per se. With Edge out for the foreseeable future, a match at SummerSlam could be possible. Nine years later, Christian and Randy Orton can try to better their incredible bout at the event. This time without a title on the line and in reverse roles.

Orton has gone down a dark path once again in his career, displaying some of his best work in years. Christian has a lot of question marks surrounding him. Including the fact that no one really knows if he is back or not. The Punt put him out for who knows how long. But if we were to guess, this revival of their incredible rivalry could be brilliant once again. As long as they don’t have the gall to call it “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.” Stay away from that and this could be even better than Edge vs. Orton. Based on history, however, it will. Time will tell.

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